Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fashion Bytes;

  • Bardot is opening its doors in Perth; there's already a store at Karrinyup but their big City store is set to open on 10th October. Pieces that caught my interest today: a beige sequinned jacket a la that Topshop jacket, a faded tie dye scarf, a fab selection of jeans, and the coolest sleek sequin/jumpsuit hybrid. All for friendly prices......Sportsgirl, be threatened ;) (A little birdy told me there are talks to get 'one' of the Project Runway Australia designers to work with them.....)

  • Speaking of designer collaborations, hello Camilla and Marc for Portmans. I kid you not. Except only over east. Don't fret Western Australians, apparently there may be potential to identify item of choosing (online/in magazines) and then order it instore here. Fingers crossed. Friendly priced Camilla and Marc pieces? Who answered my prayers :)

  • shopafricanteaparty is set to launch soon(ish), I promise you. Currently taking photographs of items to sell. There will be: vintage jackets, skirts, shoes aplenty (for those with a shoe size from EU 36 - 38), bags, jewellery. Most of this will be brand new or worn once condition (except for the vintage, obviously)

  • Select pieces from This is Genevieve's newest collection (click on link to view) have landed instore at Billie & Rose, for the Perthites. They've outdone themselves once again. Cropped tops, mesh/material bustiers, Isabel Marant-esque suede slouchy chain wrap boots, fab cutouts, feather stoles, and more. Shop select pieces online from Pitbull Mansion (to be dropped soon).

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    pc: bardot

    The weekend thus far (Saturday night, and counting) has been spent helping a male friend shop (like a personal shopper :), contemplating 'spring cleaning' my wardrobe, sleeping, and exercising. Stuart and I now plan to watch a movie, and I intend to start the 'spring cleaning' and keep snapping shots for shopafricanteaparty.


    Adela said...

    looks great! =)

    Sweety P said...

    Lovely picks so checking them out!

    janettaylor said...

    I'm with Adela. :-)


    The Seeker said...

    Looking forward to see shots for shopafricanteaparty.

    Hope you're having a nice weeknd dear


    Couture Carrie said...

    Sweet news, darling Anika! So exciting about your upcoming launch!
    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!


    Bianca and Isabella said...


    yiqin; said...

    Ah the jumpsuit's fab!

    Fashion Chalet said...

    HI sweetie. =)
    aw. You are so darling! I loved the comment.

    I am about to start spring (or is it Fall?) cleaning out my closet. There is a surprise-secret linked to why that I shall be revealing in the blog soon enough. ;)


    thesydneygirl said...

    yay for bardot opening there :D and i can't wait to see your shop! hope you had a wonderful weekend! i need to do a lot of spring cleaning too!

    i also have to haul my ass to the gym cause ive been too too lazy lately! so tonight i'm making myself go! ask me tomorrow if i went! haha mwa


    daisychain said...

    Ohh, fab post =)

    FabBlab said...

    So excited about your launch! Eeee!

    Miri said...

    I looove Bardot! The first store in my city opened last year and I love it. However after their opening sale all their prices have stayed uber-expensive.

    A.n.E said...

    so proud of ya'! we caved in big time. oops.

    exciting to see what Camilla and Marc will do for Portmans!