Sunday, July 4, 2010


(photos by me, taken with Canon 450D)

Stuart's birthday present was the camera in his hands in the pictures above. So we decided to test it out at the beach. Result? I'm jealous. I would swop my 450D Rebel for his newbie.

Ooooh burn ;)

Have a vuvuzela. Not afraid to use it.

...was gifted a vuvuzela on Saturday night by a French friend of mine who grew up in Africa, like I did. When he bought one in South Africa half a year back and brought it home, I was thoroughly entertained and spent the entire night making music haha. He was passing through South Africa recently and bought me one.


So of course I had to entertain (read "irritate") football watchers at the pub on Saturday night as we watched the washout that was the Germany-Argentina game. Vuvuzelas at the ready....

It was a productive weekend (I put stuff up for sale on ebay, I hairsprayed clothes from my wardrobe that had rubbed up against crumbling paint (works a treat!), I sealed my wardrobe backing, I did a bicycle ride with Stuart, and we even took some photographs at the beach).

What did you get up to this weekend?

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