Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you

I have never wanted to just get in the car and drive somewhere, savouring the sun like a lizard during the day whilst car-trip music plays and parking the car by the beach at night and sleeping in the backseat, than I did this weekend.

Dad's friend has gone to South America and so left his blue van, a crusty old Scooby van, in Dad's care. So on Saturday night, Stuart claimed the Scooby title and I the Shaggy one as we headed to the movies in our Scooby van. I love that you have to literally grab a rail and just leap into the car, and that the back is set up to camp out at night.

I so need to ask if I can borrow that van for a weekend....I can just imagine us down at Margaret River :)

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


There is a chill in the air. It crackles, like a live wire.

A boy runs into our yard, his bright hair all over the place. I am immediately on my guard; who is he, and where has he come from? There are no houses surrounding mine. I chose it for that reason.

The wind suddenly lifts and a shiver runs down my back.

I can feel Him, His presence a given. The dog has stilled and the corners of my eyes crinkle as I take in the little boy, with khaki pants and a little boys blazer on.

Hi, he says, I'm sorry to bother you.

And then he is still, his attention drawn to the back of my right ear. The distance.

And I can feel Him there too.

What are you doing here, I ask the little boy with the crazy curls. All the while I'm closing ranks with the little guy, in a defensive mother pose.

He has never hurt me, but I'm not taking any chances.

By the time I have reached him, the little boy is smiling at me and nodding at the distance. I am uneasy, the unkown is prevalent, and I feel like there's a private joke I'm missing.

What's your name, I ask mr crazy curls.

He stops for a second, as if listening to someone speaking to him, although there is silence, nods, and answers me rapidfire.

"Angus. My mother left me here. She was angry."

And I am livid. He cannot be more than six years old. What kind of mother does that?

"But E said not to worry, that you would help me, that you are a kind lady."

And I'm immediately overwhelmed. A tear trickles down my face, and I only realise I am crying when I brush my cheek to push errant hair back and it is wet.

The sky is azure, memories knock in the distance. I still, searching for that elusive answer.

You can see him, I say to Angus. What does he look like?

For in all the years I've known Him to be in my life, I have never seen Him.

He's very tall, like verry tall, replies Angus.

And I cannot help but smile. When you are that little, anything higher than you must be very tall.

"He says to say to you that he is six foot two intees."

And I giggle. I'm a rain splatter on a sunny day. Two intees? Oh bless. And I have a sudden, violent urge to belong to Angus.

He says to say you look like a rainbow too, Angus says and smiles.

I am greedy and want more information. A wasp buzzes past, startling the still that has become the norm when He is around. Is He gone? But no, Angus continues to relate information to me, from Him, obviously just repeating what he's being told.

He has green eyes and brown hair and a crooked nose, Angus giggles.

"But he has, most of all, something for you."

And I can no longer resist, whirling around as if I expect to see Him.

But there is nothing, no one.

Do you want to come in, I ask Angus. Where do you live?

He does not know his address but has his phone number memorised. Good boy.

As I give Angus a cookie and a glass of milk, my mind rattles trying to prioritise recoveries, investigations and this irrational urge to set up camp in my front yard.

With summer sun browning my shoulders as I, once again, take up my post.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

thereismagicinourtouch excerpt from my collection of snaps taken over the past two weeks.....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

red is the colour of passion

First up, the sales....

30% off sale stock at, with further reductions online now...
(the Ellery for Sportsgirl range is now on sale too...check it out!)

25% off all jackets, vests and cardigans at

And 30% off everything at (don't we love maxshop for its random gems!) and free shipping within Aus....

In other news, me thinks I need me a bowler hat. This one is a friend's. We went over to his house on the weekend for his birthday and he kindly lent me the hat for the duration of the night. Where can I get a bowler like that? And in red too?

(wearing just jeans sweater, mink pink maxi dress, fringed boots from rome (not seen in pic), glasses momentarily borrowed from friend, rings; fashionology, cheap monday, from bali and from ebay. chain, from bali.)

p.s. you guys are seriously the best. So I'm going to have to have another giveaway....keep checking back for one soon :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


chunky, misshapen knits make me happy. more and more so. so i was beyond pleased to unexpectedly run into this nudey pink one at just jeans recently. already wearing it to bits. but it only adds to its character. or that's the excuse i'm going with anyway ;) i wore this to a friend's birthday party that had a "black&gold" theme. the gold hair dye is my contribution, alongside the boots and bag.

how have your weekends been? mine was crazy.....went shopping for a birthday present for dad, went to a friend's birthday party, cleaned up the house for dad's birthday party, entertained guests until just now as we celebrated dad's birthday.

looking forward to my bed....

singlet, target. skirt, vintage. sweater, just jeans. boots, zu. bag, from bali. chain, diva. rings; diva, markets and vintage.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I promise to respond to your comments asap (its the same ol' story: work+camera course+computer acting up+life). But this weekend is going to be spent blogging, and watching True Blood Season 2. Oh, and pigging out as well :)

In the meanwhile, head on over to ebay to check out these items I've listed for sale:

Rendition of the Soul

My computer's acting up, hence the lack of posts in the last few days.....hoping to sort it out ASAP!

I stumbled across Shiatzy Chen's 2010 Spring-Summer collection, titled 'Rendition of the Soul', only this morning. This is the first time I've heard of this designer so I'm now trying to source more information. The collection in question "was based on classic calligraphy, bell and H-shaped contours inspired by Madame Wei (a calligrapher from the Eastern Jin dynasty of China). The materials include double coloured satin, organza, jacquard, chiffon, hollow jacquard, taffeta, and silk-linen blends embellised with velvet and crystallised Swarovski elements." (Luxury Insider)

The collection is available to purchase at selected shops in Hong Kong and Macau. I wonder if any of the collection is sold online? Any sites? Let me know!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Absolutely adore the stylings of Christine from Christeric. And how rad are the shoes she DIYed?!!?! I love these on her. I'm not inspired enough (or talented enough) to even contemplate DIYing a pair for myself.

Modelled on the Charles Anastase Dungeon Boots, these babies are ridiculous. In the best way. I don't think I'd be able to pull these off, but if anyone can its Christine.


Go check our her blog NOW. She rocks.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I was very thrilled to receive an email from Camilla and Marc today, letting me know that their new site is now up and running. This is their AW 10 collection lookbook, and I have to admit that I want nearly everything from it.

That double bullet belt, the sparkle shirts, the draped jackets, the killer navy peacoat, the asymmetrical jackets.

But given my saving plan, the only thing I think I can just about afford is the lovely belt. Mmmm. The way to order is to contact them (contacts listed on the website) and order. Or atleast that's how I did it with my leopard print boots.

p.s. how awesome are the shoes from the current RAFW collection???!!?!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I almost feel offended with the recent spate of "Shakahuchi/Ginger and Smart/Camilla and Marc/Ellery is fab/great/insert other appropriate adjective" posts by US bloggers that have littered the world wide web of late. Yes, RAFW is on. Yes, I'm aware that these Australian labels are not made exclusively for the Australian and New Zealand market but I have to admit that it was nice a few months back when I was swanning around in my unique Ellery/Ginger and Smart/Camilla and Marc frivolously fabulous clothing, not having to worry about:

a) every person being aware of, and wearing, the above label; and
b) (potentially) an increase in buyer price by the Australian designers in light of the recent interest garnered by the US.

But I'm sure the designers and designing houses don't feel the same as I do. The aim is to spread the word, right? And to be honest, I realise that its inevitable that we've reached a stage in fashion where Australian designers are leading the pack and are known for outstanding quality and design. I mean, why not?!!?! However I've always been the kind of person who likes not only creativity but who also values individuality above everything else. So when I see the prominent US bloggers now posting regularly about our coveted Australian labels, I cringe a little. Nay, a lot. I somehow feel like these exclusive beautiful brands are now being made commonplace. Just like those Jeffrey Campbell mirror wedges, I don't want to have to be turned off by seeing every blogger on earth (slight exaggeration intended) and their dog wearing these pieces. Whinger? Yes, yes, I am.

But save our labels. I love the exclusivity and creativity and uniqueness and perfection of our Australian labels that are now being treated with the same respect given to brands like Jeffrey Campbell (no offence, Mr. Campbell). I'm all for marketing and having a fanbase, but can we have some exclusivity please pretty please. So with that in mind, I'm off to covet my Laurence Pasquier, sQ by the lovely ladies behind My PetSquare, and Samantha Wills goodies before their exclusivity and amazingness is exploited to common currency.

p.s. I love Americans...I'm just rueing our lovely brands (cough*lookingatyouMinkPink*cough) becoming everyday wear such that these items lose their golden touch or, even worse, become commonplace. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....

Monday, May 10, 2010


It was Stuart's birthday a few weeks back, and to celebrate he had a chilled out 'shindig' (I hear thats what the cool kids are calling them these days ;) over at his. Super-alcoholic punch, savoury snacks and yummy cake....what more can you ask for? Well, being able to clean up afterwards and just crash and not have to contemplate travelling anywhere was pretty sweet too. We did have to wipe down the floor about 8 times the next morning though, thanks to Stu's OCD housemate. Oh well, small price to pay.

The dress is from Miss Kym's capsule collection for Sportsgirl. Gorgeous prints, materials, design aesthetic. I'm in love......can we see an ongoing collab, Miss Kym? Please pretty please. How rad would a winter capsule collection by Ellery for Sportsgirl be?!!?!

p.s. the girls in the second picture are my besties.....aren't they gorgeous? Love them to bits!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

in rotation.....

Just a few of the rings currently in rotation. The full set includes a two finger leaf ring in gold tone, an oversize gold rose ring, a vintage silver 'fertility' ring, and a gold tone spider ring. Do you guys have rings on rotation?

The disappearing act is necessitated by my over-loaded schedule. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to return back to normal once my camera course is over.

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