Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Alexandra Spencer
pc: Studded Hearts


new to buy@shopafricanteaparty

Another crazy week. Long hours at work, frustration with my phone provider at the Herculean effort it apparently takes to sign up to a plan (finally completed today, phew), bringing work home to ensure deliverance of established timeframes, waking up to see my beloved Spanish team play (Woopa! Si, it equates to guapa i.e. pretty girl, but it just sounds right! Woopa!), and now a total lack of sleep. Haha.

So bear with me, no updates for now.

But do check out There's designer gear going cheap, new pieces looking for a new home at ridiculously low prices, and all around magic (haha, yes, this has degenerated into a Disney film). What are you waiting for?

Shopafricanteaparty, tis the place to be.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

she sells sea shells by the sea shore

Another weekend spent celebrating friend's birthdays, just celebrating friends, watching soccer games aplenty and visiting beachside cafes. Work has been kicking my arse, so its nice to relax on the weekends.

Yeah, the blog may have to suffer for it but unlike some of us out there this baby is not my job so has to take second (or more realistically 5th or 6th) place.

To those still reading, check out I've updated yet again. You know you want to. The Aussie dollar is so weak compared to the US dollar, the Euro and the Pound. Every other currency.

It's all cheap, it all needs to go to a good home, and its all to help me save up some money.

Go looky!

sweater, sportsgirl. pants, cotton on. suede boots, really really old (not sure where from). rings; fashionology, sportsgirl, cheap monday, random japanese shop. bag, mollini.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


(ph. 6 + 9 by me, rest by Stuart)

Had a completely relaxing and selfish weekend this weekend. Watched the Sex and the City 2 movie with a girlfriend, enjoyed Guinesses whilst watching the Australia v Ghana soccer game (not happy), and chilled out with Stuart at our favourite beachside coffee haunt. We played around with the settings of my Nikon point'n'shoot and took some random snaps.

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

give me freedom, give me fire

Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher
See the champions, take the field now, unify us, make us feel proud
In the streets our head are liftin', as we lose our inhibition,
Celebration, it surrounds us, every nation, all around us
(excerpt from Wavin Flag lyrics, by K'naan)

I've got the official World Cup 2010 anthem stuck in my head.
I love it it if you don't know what I mean.
I've got the fire, got the reason......oooooh woooh hoho.
Supporting the Nederlands (the Dutch part of the family) and Australia (who were shockingly bad!) and generally all African countries (given I was born and raised there).

Any of you as obsessed as my family is about the World Cup?

Gah, must stop singing the World Cup anthem....stoppit.

p.s. anyone check out the Cote D'Ivoire v Portugal match? Impressive play there, Cote D'Ivoire!

Hope you're all doing well and having a good week thus far....ooooh woooh hoho ;)

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shopafricanteaparty is the place to be!

I've updated Shopafricanteaparty and trust me, there's more than a few reasons you need to head over there right now to check it out and make things yours....

Some of the brilliance on offer:







and much much more....

So what are you waiting for? Head over there now, check it all out, send me an email with the item you're interested in and the country you want it shipped to. I'll respond, you pay and I'll ship straight away!

Easy peasy.......I love online shopping :D


I had big plans for the weekend....its already Sunday morning (12:45am and counting) and I still haven't ticked off anything on my hypothetical list.

Spent the day shopping for gifts for friends in Africa and having coffee with my besties, followed by the South Africa v Australia rugby game (we won!) and movies with Stuart. We watched The A-Team, which is pretty damn entertaining. And high paced. There's no highs and lows, its all crazy adrenaline packed insanity. In the best way possible. And Sharlto Copley, he steals the show. I love that guy.

I've got a new favourite....move over Edward Norton, and make some space for Sharlto. The South African boy can act!

The furry backpack in these shots is from the Christmas lucky dip I arranged for the family last year. I bought him, and a few other gifts, for fun and hoped I'd get him. And I did :D. Don't you think he just makes my outfit??!!? I guarantee that this wasn't the (first and) last time he ventured outdoors.

I also promise to respond to comments asap. Ciao xxx

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Jeffrey Campbell 'LITA'.
(pc: studded hearts)

Coming soon.....

I die.

Hello Charles Anastase knock-off, I'll have you! In fact, the first thing I'd do in these babies is stomp through some serious puddles to dirty them up. Then I would change the laces for a much more grungey pair. Ahhhh. Come to Mama.

there's all kinds of magic in the air

pc: studded hearts

Is it wrong that I want every single thing in these pictures?
Chloe Sevigny, you've done it again.


I friggin want those crazy tan wooden platform heels, the flirty short dress, the perfect leather pants, everything!


With respect to the giveaway, thanks to those who entered....

And the winner is......

The Seeker!!

Congratulations gorgeous girl, you've won a $25 AUD voucher to shopafricanteaparty.
To the rest, don't dispair...there'll be another giveaway soonish :)