Monday, February 23, 2009

Lust has a new meaning.

Siren has finally updated their website...yay.
(and yes, this is yet another shoe post :)

Good thing too, because I know they are doing some fabulous shoes for the A/W 09 season.
Sure, they may all be doppelgangers....but they ARE the shoes we want....

With the above in mind, and in light of the select range stocked in Perth stores, here are some of the shoes I'm droolin over this season (from the website):

Luda: $159.95

Flame: $189.95

Press: $179.95

Flow: $269.95

Kulula: $189.95

and last but definitely not least:

Dramatic: $199.95

Ahh, wouldn't you love to own one of/all of the above?
I certainly would :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Put on your dancing shoes....

Last weekend, it was all about my sister.
We were celebrating her birthday, after all.

The whole night was aces; confusion and alcohol and new faces and fun aplenty!

And it was eye-opening for me....(I feel like an old bat saying this, but).....those uni kids...
tsk tsk ;)


with the birthday girl....




Sandy, I met her on the internet (wait, that sounds wrong, doesn't it? ;)

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feel the love...

A couple of days ago, I was awarded two fabulous blog awards by the gorgeous, witty (she really does crack me up :), and stylish creator of the highly addictive stompface.

I am beyond honoured, first awards ever!

I caught em, now its time to forward them on to the following:

Stompface (yep, you deserve it!); and
Domonique of LilyLoveLock.

They each have such an individual perspective on the subject matter, write well (or incredibly well, even) and I honestly look forward to checking their blogs lots for updates at work
(sneaky, sneaky, sneaky....just don't tell the boss ;)

Also, if you haven't checked out Stompface's blog....what are you waiting for?!!??
(dontcha know, she's a superhero ;)

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...

So I thought about doing a post on the best of NYFW, in my opinion anyway (loved Ruffian!), but the blogosphere is saturated with those posts so I thought it might pay to highlight some Australian designers, whose work and inspirations and creations I wish I owned/would like to DIY (insert as appropriate)....

time to start trying to make that wish a reality, me thinks!

These excerpts are from the RAFW 08/09 shows; I thought it was time they were revisited.

Therese Rawsthorne


I adore that skirt and the gorgeous ruched asymmetrical leather bustier!

One Teaspoon

(the leather shorts, the shoes, the dreads!)

Seriously, check out those SICK dreads!!
(the hippy in me is ridiculously wanting to try the dreads)

Life With Bird



Camilla and Marc





The model in the black floor sweeping dress reminds
me sooo much of Erika from fashionchalet!

I got some studs off of ebay yesterday and am looking forward to studding some leather boots, yay. I'm also working on DIYing the Alexander Wang holey sweater....cannot wait!

Thank you all for the lovely comments, it really makes my day!

source: grazia

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maxi mania

I'm caught in the midst of a crazy week!
Work is completely chaotic and I've been staying back later and later trying to actually BE productive.

Today I finished late, caught the train and bus home and had to, in the space of 30 minutes, do a VERY quick 10 minutes of exercise and have a shower and wash my hair and get dressed and catch a train back towards the city to catch up with good girl friends who I haven't seen in much too long over dinner.

Not that I'm whinging. Notwithstanding that I lead a completely crazy life, its crazy in a good way.

So it's nearing 11:30pm here, and I've got to be up by 6:45am.
Still had to do some blogging, the addiction I tell you ;)

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on the last couple of posts :)
I apologise for running behind on responding to them, and pinky swear to respond to them by tomorrow!
(stompface, thank you soo soo much for the award (and I will catch it)'re absolutely, positively LOVELY ;)

Have a lovely day :)

p.s. the photos are from two weekends ago, at the boat harbour.



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Monday, February 16, 2009

stylish at any age....

I got caught up browsing HEL LOOKS;
and it just goes to can be stylish at any age.

For proof, see:

vesa 23

salla 29

minttu 42

leena 65

and last but definitely not least.....

5) Jan


this weekend I:
  • celebrated my sister's 23rd birthday, so much fun!
  • spent quality time with the boy (inclusive of beach bonding)
  • bought the penultimate slouchy black pocket tank from Witchery (obsessed much?)
  • What did you get up to?

    Saturday, February 14, 2009

    Hallmark v reality

    I think of Valentines Day with some trepidation.

    After all, why do you need someone/some corporation to tell you that February 14th needs to be the day that you need to show your love for your significant other?

    I like to think that every day should be the right time to declare your love (from the rooftops, optional) for and to your other. Whilst the day was originally a pagan festival, renamed after two Early Christian martyrs called Valentine, the Hallmarks of this world have elevated the day into a complete palava.

    Regardless, I do like to see people enjoying each other's company and cherishing one another. As it should be, right? (this from hippy-Anika ;)

    So, I'll go with the flow here (hypocritical much?) and say happy valentines day everyone.....

    moving on.....
    last week, our big bunch of friends had a house party at the established house party location. We laughed, wined and dined, conversed, and generally had a really good time. I love those kinds of rendevous.



    "for the bloody marys? really? they taste sooo good!"



    To friendship!

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    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    Basic Attraction

    Worn to a reccurence of our long-forgotten Thursday nights at the Llama bar, and to the uber fantastico jazz band that play there. Last Thursday, we returned.

    The band has become even more bloody amazing. They were r'n'b jazz previously, now they are funk-old school-jazz. And they've replaced 3 of 4 members. The drummer remains the constant (he also happens to be Van Morrison's drummer, just saying ;)

    And yes, he just oozes sex appeal ;)



    the band

    I usually never wear lipstick, but a few weeks ago traipsed through Target on my way to work, and happened upon the Modelista make up range. On sale. Good for me, because I'm not a lipstick kinda girl so would hate to waste 50-odd dollars on something that turned out to be a disaster. But it wasn't a waste, I'm now addicted to the stuff and am wearing it here...

    I picked up the 'Nude' shade - Hollywood Kiss.
    (They claim it's an 'extreme lip plumper' but ermmm maybe it has a minimal effect??)


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my gorgeous little sister Chewy!


    Here's to another fantastic year in our crazy household.
    To friends, family and our crazy, growing shoe collection :)

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    RAFW 08/09

    Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2008/2009 is what that stands for...

    Browsing through penylane this evening I stumbled across a few loves, a few 'wtf IS that!!?!'s, and a few groans of 'be more original damnit!' for RAFW 08/09. Yes, I yell at my computer. Inferiority complex, set and delivered :)

    Some loves:

    Karla Spetic: THE SHOES!!!
    (It's ludicrous how sexy those shoes are, and just how much I would wear them!)



    Bec'n'Bridge: it wasn't that I was taken by the outfits (in fact, I thought it was sort of meh/bleh...I could have picked these up at Valleygirl...not too original), I just think this top is kind cute (for Valleygirl standards!!!)


    Michelle Jank: EVERYTHING. Seriously.
    I need to DIY some birds to place nonchalently at my collarbone, right?






    the back of the dress



    I love how effortless this seems, almost child-like in its ethereal simplicity,
    yet stunningly flowing and liquid-esque.

    Lastly can I just add how cute those S&B Vie braids were? Adorable! But....
    ...not as stomptastic as these babies:


    I'll have 'em in a size 6 please, faeries? ;)