Friday, November 14, 2008


I am off for just over a week to Melbourne; to take in the beautiful sights, the shopping, the food and coffee, and generally Melbourne life.

I adore Melbourne and make sure I get my annual fix. And so the time has come.

I hope to return with goodies (Melbourne IS the fashion capital of Australia, and I've heard good things about their op-shops which I shall have to check out), which will be posted on the blog :)

melbourne skyline
Taken in January last year

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shoe Heaven: the shoe fiasco

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I'd be putting up some of my recent shoe purchases....dum dum dummmm :)

The post was only going to happen on the condition that the pair I saw yesterday hadn't been snapped up. They hadn't. Yay!

The deal was that Stuart had bought me this pair of shoes for my birthday, and as impressed as I was with (a) his great taste and awesome choice, and (b) the architectural shape and height of the shoe, they were a little too tight and the strap across the ankle unfortunately made my legs look like shapeless hockey sticks :(

sachi wedges

So I swopped the ones above for these, but in black:
strappy sirens
Wearing the newbies :)

strappy shoes 3
I LOVE the straps!

side strappy shoes
I'm already creating outfits in my head, these shoes will go with
everything! (I think...)

And when I visited Shoe Show, they had a lot more shoes that I fell in lust with. So I was very pleased to realise that the shoes Stu had bought were considerably more expensive than the strappy ones above, and that I would have some money left over. Enough so that if I included my sister's monetary birthday gift plus only $30 of my own money, I could own another pair. Woo hoo!

And so, stud fiend that I am, I snatched these babies up.

studded sirens
me stud platforms

But, and I know I should just slap myself here, now I'm not so sure. Too much going on, me thinks...they incorporate maybe one too many trends: studs, platforms, gladiators, roping. In the shop I just could not decide between the studdy ones and a Givenchy knock-off pair that were inspiringly high, and so the sales assistant said I could swop them. And I think I will. To the knock-offs :)
siren givenchys
Any opinions?

Also, unfortunately Shoe Show only ship to Australia (for the mo), but if you are Aussie then take a look at their website because they no longer do just cheapo, overpriced pleather shoes but also stock a fabulous range of very of-the-moment, gorgeous leather treats from Sachi/Siren/other covetable high street brands.

Minnetonka love

I wore this to coffee with Stuart on Sunday. We have a sort-of regular Sunday coffee date at the harbour close to home; we grab some coffee, banana bread (that we get toasted and have with butter, yum!) and more often than not sit by the water's edge playing chess. And by playing chess I mean getting my arse kicked, as I have only just started playing. Time...

This outfit is the most comfy thing ever. The shorts are perfectly worn-in, the men's tank is soft cotton and the minnetonkas are...well....minnetonkas!

minnes 4
ignore the oddly scrunched tank (which makes my arms look like
a bodybuilder's....gruuuunt :)

minnetonka w jacket
I also wore this gorgeous lace-sleeve velvet cropped jacket that I
found thrifting; its so pretty, yet surprisingly warm

minnes w jaacket 2
better jacket detail shot

I adore Minnetonkas, and have been crushing for years now. This pair is relatively new, off of ebay. Pure bliss. I also own a pair of tan ankle minnetonka boots with fringing at the top. Ahh, Minnetonkas <3

top, cotton on men. shorts, valleygirl. shoes, minnetonka. leather bag, vintage. jacket, vintage. jewellery, diva.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


That's these shoes I picked up in my fave op-shop to a T. They have a ridiculously exaggerated 70's vibe, almost goth-like. Oh so ugly. But I saw something in them at the op-shop and picked them up. Oh, I do love them.

ugly shoes 1

ugly shoes 4

Ahem. Even though I may look like a 70's hey-day reject ;)

Next post (fingers crossed): My new shoe purchases (if they haven't sold out of them between today and tomorrow)

top, cotton on men (its called the beater, haha). skirt, cotton on. shoes, vintage. feather headband, city beach. scarf, DIY city beach.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday Shenanigans

My birthday's on the 9th of November, so to celebrate I decided to invite friends to a greek restaurant famous for its rowdiness, plate smashing, belly dancing and good food this past Saturday. It was a great night, and I truly have the best friends anyone could possibly want!

The theme was 'Slivers of Silver' (there's got to be a theme where I'm involved), and I dressed appropriately.

before the main event

sis and me before
my little sister and me

prior to
the boy and me (I teased him about the silver ;). oh and
ignore the no shoes, haha

It was great fun; belly dancing, plate smashing (utter chaos, with plates whizzing past you and the lovely old Greek guy busy handing out plates to smash and making sure everyone was having a great time!), table dancing, greek dancing, the works! I do not have a bad word for the entire night; the food was fab, the wine was flowing and it was just one of those nights!

greek dancing
greek dancing

belly dancer
the belly dancer (stunning, she was!)

on the table
dancing on tables

chair dancing
dancing on chairs....

In addition to the 25 of us, there was another 100-odd people at the restaurant, and everyone was uhh....alil on the 'happy side'. Haha, as documented by my face towards the end of the night.

more happy
(shame I didn't a pic of all the pieces of china on the floor :)

All in all, a fabulous time and one I won't be forgetting :)

birthday outfit: sweater dress, vintage. cuffs, diva. rings, various. shoes, colin stuart.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I see so many pictures on a daily basis that inspire me, and that I think I should save. But I'm terrible like that. I don't save images to my computer, and only later do I regret not doing so in the first place. But an image that's burnt in my memory is this one:

belstaff baby

I keep coming back to it. I want everything in the above picture (from Belstaff's FW 2007/08). Mmm, the perfection is beyond delicious! I'd wear it the same way as well.

The entire FW 2007/08 lookbook is inspirational; capes, sleek fitted leather/latex pants, modern and minimalistic silhouettes. Drool. Want, even though it would be too warm to wear any of it at the moment. Fabulous long fur coats, poufy 3/4 pants that are just beginning to manifest themselves in other shows. The whole hog. If anyone got me any/some of the fab Belstaff FW collection, I would love them long time. No lie.

Random fact: In The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) wears a Belstaff leather jacket as he races through Gotham's streets on his motorcycle.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


....for a change. Congratulations to the Americans on a much-needed and long-awaited change; a new start, new possibilities and a whole lot more. To Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States.

The Australians have enthusiastically embraced Obama and what he represents. To issues like climate change, Afghanistan, China, and a whole lot more, the Australians look forward to the writing of a new chapter in our relationship, more collaboration on these critical issues and the two countries' alliance.

To the naysayers, the pessimists, everyone: speculation is and always will be a part of human nature, but this kind of a change is welcomed. Here's to a change, for the better!

A favourite

Yup, this is my favourite blazer. Found thrifting at the standard op-shop for $5! I love this jacket, its ridiculously comfortable yet sartorially glorious. Or atleast to me it is.

These photos were taken a while ago, but I completely forgot about them. Time to ensure they see the face of light.

blazer oversize 1

blazer oversize 2

oversize blazer bangs

Yeah, I know. The bangs were wayyy too long at that stage. Laziness is my one biggest obstacle in life. But I've since fixed them, phew!

oversize blazer, vintage. tee, myer. skinny jeans, supre. boots (which I've worn cuffed), vintage. jewellery, diva/vintage/cotton on.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

beach-side haunt

In Perth summer extends about 7-8 months and days at the beach are carefree, happy and a little hippy. And therefore I love the fact that I live so close to the beach, as nothing makes me more happy than beachside frequents (so most of Perth lives relatively close to the beach, but I am about a minutes drive away which makes me, a certified beach afficionado, very very happy).

And now that summer is fast approaching, Stuart and me have already been heading to the beach and soaking up the sun (loveeee), the water (although we froze swimming in the ocean two weekends ago!), and the general happiness there.

These are a few beach-y photos I've taken of beautiful W.A.:

the harbour just minutes away from home; photo taken from where Stuart
and I drink coffees, indulge in banana bread, and play chess

hills 2
sun setting over the harbour





after the swim; two weeks ago




Ahhh, I love this place I call home....

What are you guys proud of where you live?