Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's so hard to have a gaytime on your own.

So the lyrics go for a Streets Golden Gaytime ice cream advert coming out to the Australian public through the magical waves of the tv box.

This song has to be the ear worm of them all.
And I LOVE it. Lol, there's nothing quite like a catchy tune and a double entendre all in one ;)

Watch for the magic (and insane giggling sure to follow :)

In other news (spoken in the voice of a business news reporter on some dreary channel...),
here's one I prepared earlier



  • I'm still eyeing the sequin bomber jacket and leather biker boots from Sportsgirl. Waiting for them to go on sale, so I can justify spending that money on both....drooool.
  • I did however buy a grey dress/tunic and silver space-esque leggings from Sportsgirl that I love. They look great together as well (outfit to come). Sportsgirl seriously need to consider doing VIP cards for people like me!
  • I bought this pair of feather false eyelashes off of ebay. Lol, can't wait for them to arrive...I've been OBSESSED over feather eyelashes for too long. I will wear them to the damn grocery store if I have to ;) In fact, I'm still searching for a turquoise coloured pair..

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      Sunday, March 29, 2009

      Mid-week Madness

      Mid-week celebrations.
      On a Tuesday night.
      To commemorate Shaun's turning 30.

      Shaun being one of my goood friends. Love him to bits.

      I get somewhat tired of my relatively 'safe' work week outfits so when I get the chance, I love to dress up . And Tuesday was it. Good times were had. And then we headed home at a relatively reasonable time. Work and all the next day, you know ;)



      Gavin, Charles and Stuart play the seat role for Shaun in this shot.


      The Rocket Fuel crew

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      Friday, March 27, 2009

      Xavier Rudd

      I finally found my birthday voucher for JB HiFi (music, dvd, electronic kinda store here in Australia) and bought myself The Phantom of the Opera (original cast recording), Solace by Xavier Rudd and So Real - Songs from Jeff Buckley.

      All pure bliss.

      If you haven't already heard of him, Xavier Rudd is a legendary Australian singer. No wait, he's more than that. He sings, he writes songs, he's a multi-instrumentalist (one of which is the didgeridoo!). And most importantly, he's an activist, an environmentalist.

      If you can get your hand on tickets to one of his live shows, it will be worth every penny. He is an incredible live artist. What's even more endearing about him is how his songs incorporate his environmental consciousness, his sense of social justice and his general awarenes. There is nothing more satisfying than watching him perform a song about the rights of the Aboriginal peoples whilst everyone at the venue (regardless of skin colour, race, age or creed) dances away in a blissful harmony. It helps too, that his songs are so fantastic. And that his voice is a husky, harmonious instrument.

      The most effective way to unite a diverse crowd; diversity in social, economic, environmental views. All united in the name of beautiful, soul wrenching music.

      Watch this live video from one of his concerts and see what I mean. I love how captivating, all-encompassing, and surreal the experience is. And it is an experience. I will never forget my first Xavier Rudd concert. Bless.

      It's pure love in the crowd, a collective sing-along, with everyone jumping up and down. Viewed and participated in, first hand.

      Also, Didgeridoo Jamming by Xavier at Highland Ballroom (saw the same at a Southbound Festival....wow.):

      Bear in mind that the didgeridoo is probably one of the hardest instruments to play, in the world....

      Ahh, I really want to go to a concert/show, but for now Solace will have to suffice.
      (I picked Solace (2004) as it is one of my favourite albums from Xavier Rudd.
      Check http://www.youtube.com/ for more from Xavier)

      Drape Away

      Love this drapey, asymmetrical, rough cut cape. From Flower, of all places.

      Still, who am I to discriminate when they were have a closing down sale at my local shopping centre.

      I walked in, I saw, I bought.



      "The smirk"

      As you can tell, I'm attempting layer-overkill here.
      (I still think I could have worked a black cropped shrug over the outfit. Oh well, next time)

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      Thursday, March 26, 2009

      This and that

      These are bits'n'bobs of what's been happening....

      A few weeks ago, Erika from fashion chalet and me sent each other gift packages.

      I loved hers....it had the cutest card, nail polish (to complement my growing collection cough*obsessionmuch*cough), fabulous easter egg chocolates and some eye makeup as well.
      Score, right?

      you may be asking, 'where are the chocolates?'. guess? my tummy. correct!

      You all know Erika to be the sweetest blogger out there. Seriously. And she has a great blog.If you don't, visit fashion chalet ASAP.

      Also, I promised to take a photo of the DIYed Wang denim chain shorts. Seriously the easiest DIY ever. If you want to try it, see this post by Shini from Park and Cube>
      (simple, clear instructions. trust me.)

      Here's the end result....I'm very pleased at how they turned out.



      Had to take a mirror shot as my substitute photographer (my sister) got grumpy after a few shots and stormed off. What can I say, she was hungry and I was insisting she take yet another pic ;)

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      Monday, March 23, 2009

      Vampire Queen

      I really do feel like a Queen of the Underworld wearing this gorgeous sheer, stiff gauzy cape from Kookai. Bought on sale a while back and my current favourite accessory.

      I paired it with black items for a structured, monochrome outfit
      ....one that had texture variation to make it pop.



      I wore this to the new jazz club that opened up a few weeks ago. There was a fabulous jazz band playing and a good time was had. It was your classic 50's jazz club set-up, so twas certainly an experience. We'll be sure to go back...they feature some fantastic jazz acts.

      The necklace started off as a piece from Diva. I bought some more chain, roped them to the existing chain and voila = chunky new hardware.
      (I left off the long gold multi-strand chain necklace and short gold cross beaded necklace as I didn't want to be jingling at the jazz club, but am looking forward to wearing the "necklace" in its entirety. Simple things make me happy :)

      post edit: I am uber lazy, but will take a photo of the DIY'ed shorts in the next couple of days.

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      Sunday, March 22, 2009

      L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

      The LMFF, on from 15 to 22 March 2009, embraces fashion and highlights Australian Designers. It also brings to the fore emerging designers, and what better way to learn about these new designers and in turn to love them.

      Some great looks from established Australian designers (*WARNING: picture heavy post*)


      Jaton Couture

      I love the elegance and drape of the dresses and more importantly the subtle hint of neon orange footwear.

      Kirrily Johnston

      I want this; I'd wear this outfit from head to toe...the hood, the metallication, the pop of colour on her feet.


      Nom D

      The silhouettes showcased by Nom D blew me away. I adore the departure from the norm and the extravagance that makes these outfits so very covetable.


      Tina Kalivas: loving the headwear...a nice touch


      Aurelio Costarella

      Embellishing is all the rage; and the subtle way in which Aurelio conveys this is perfect. Love the ruffles and the minimalistic way in which attention is commanded.


      Claude Maus

      The sheer perfection of these dresses/tunics. The cut, the drape, the seams. I love.

      On the independent side of things, there were some really great offerings:

      Daniela Orlando; I like that it's not OTT so that you pay attention but has a standout touch

      Lui Hon for VON

      This is sheer perfection. The contrast of the soft fabric of varying heaviness, the romanticised drape, contrasts in terms of asymmetry and structure and drape. It all equals fabulous things.


      Made in Donald

      Apologies for the uber crap photos, I had to ctrl+print screem them all and paste them into paint. I do not own photoshop, obviously.

      p.s. I DIY'ed the Wang denim chain shorts on Friday night whilst watching Ghost Town. Such a funny movie and was nice and easy to watch whilst my attention was on the DIYing. Pictures of the shorts to come....pleased at how they turned out and at how EASY a DIY this was :)

      p.p.s. found a knockoff Junya Watanabe skirt at the most random shop (Flower, for the Aussies out there). Only walked in because they were having a closing down sale and whilst most of the stuff was middle to pensioner-style stuff, this skirt was incredible. For $30, mine. Also picked up an asymmetrical layered rough-cut shrug/cape for next to nothing there.

      Purple Suede Shoes

      I don't know if you remember me harping on and ON about a Wayne Cooper pair of shoes, purple suede and platformed, a little while ago (I didn't get them because of the self-imposed shoe ban)? Well, Stuart is such a sweetheart and bought them for me. Hey, I didn't say other people couldn't buy me shoes :)

      There was a bit of a fiasco with the shoes because they run uber big and so I had to hunt down a smaller size (36.5), of which there was only one pair left.
      In all of Australia!
      I bagged the pair (phew!) and they were posted my way.




      ignore the odd face, I had to try them on asap and had just got home

      Seriously, these shoes are pure sex (thank you, my gorgeous Stuart :)

      What else? Got the BEST phonecall on Friday from the owner of a designer op-shop....I'd put my name down for a Chanel 2.55.
      Yep. I am the proud owner of one.

      Happy doesn't cover it.
      I'm positively giddy, just watching my new friend on the bed. Good times.

      outfit: grey tee, sportsgirl. skirt, cotton on. shrug, kookai.

      Thursday, March 19, 2009

      Hardware and DIYs

      Ooooh just added to my jewellery collection, in the form of funky chunky gold bangles with 'peace' carved out in both. Sportsgirl, yep. It's okay, I accept my addiction and will deal with the punishment :)

      (top to bottom: sportsgirl, vintage, diva)

      Additionally, I have been looking for a gorgeous cropped blazer and finally found one. It was on sale from Temt and is wool and sooo comfy. I adore it!

      I'm very much looking forward to my next DIY project (which was inspired by Shini from Park and Cube). What is it, you ask. Ahhh, thought you'd never.
      The A.Wang shredded chain jeans.

      I bought the last bits and pieces I need and will be tackling it as soon as I get home from work tomorrow. Yeah, I'm uber cool like that ;)

      Here are some random pics from our trampolining expedition. Nothing says adult like us 20 pluses trampolining next to all these 5-12 years olds :D.
      (We then ventured down to the local beach to chill out and listen to 50's swing, check out the hot rods and generally soak up the ambience at the retro beach party)






      Any exciting plans for the coming weekend? Happy weekend!

      Monday, March 16, 2009

      All dressed up

      Wore this retro-print Bettina Liano dress to the Phantom of the Opera, which (as I've mentioned before) was fan-bloody-tastic.

      I ran into a distant friend's boyfriend there, whom I avoided at great cost....he once asked me to join him and his girlfriend for the night (wink wink). And he had just met me. Ick. Did I mention he also happens to be completely sleazy?
      Nice, flattery my way, all the way :P

      Back to the dress though, don't you love the subtle poufy sleeves!




      Also, very randomly, last week I was in the kitchen on the phone to Dad when I noticed this HUGE bird perched in our garden. It was a magnificent owl, at 6pm in the evening (and take into account daylight savings)??!!!?

      My sister and I think he may have caught sight of a rat.
      But still, an owl that comes to your waist (yes, he was that huge!), casually perched in your backyard in suburbia in the bright sunlight? Odd.

      Course I snapped a few (blurry) shots!

      He may look smaller here, but don't let that fool you. I took this photo from quite far away!

      dress, bettina liano. shoes, siren. bracelet, diva??. ring, sportsgirl.

      Saturday, March 14, 2009

      Designers for Payless

      I am officially jealous of you Americans.

      Payless in the States is a whole lot cooler than our Aussie Payless.....I wait for the day that we have the same/similar designer collaborations that are easier on the pocket, and that give us a small taste of a designer's aesthetic.

      What am I talking about?

      The Limited Edition Fall 09 Designer Collections.
      I came across the paylessontherunway site, and knew I'd hit gold!

      I mean, look at some of the shoes that will be on offer and that you can buy online....


      Abaete for Payless


      Another Abaete pair, and this one has me salivating (I think I'm in love!)


      Alice + Olivia for Payless

      I have to admit that I wasn't too taken with the last collection for Payless but these strappy boots are incredible.


      Christian Siriano for Payless; another pair that I covet...spikes, studs, chains....ooh baby!


      Loving the coloured soles, but not too sure about the gaps at the sides of the chains....you'd probably need to try these on in store prior to committing to them...still, love.


      Absolutely loving the colour, the dangling studs, the cut of the shoe....

      Mmmmmmm :)
      (Again, damn you lucky Americans!)

      I have to admit that I'm willing to beg someone from the States to purchase a pair or two for me and ship them over here (Payless don't offer international shipping...I know, WHAT?!?!)

      Any offers, please pretty please?
      What about a fee for me, I can definitely deal with that :)