Friday, April 30, 2010


Here's another few photographs (freeze frames, short depth of field, great depth of field, colour, repetition).....

And yes, Stuart was roped into being our model....

I'm thoroughly enjoying my camera course. I highly recommend doing one of these courses if you own a relatively complex digital SLR and want to take more than photos on the 'auto' setting. I knew nothing and now I consider myself considerably more enlightened. Can't wait for more....

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have to apologise once again for leaving you in the lurch. You know those weeks that are just manic? Well. I'm having one of them. Its been crazy busy at work, I've been taking a series of photographs (homework) for the camera course, and fulfilling my baking duties, amongst other things. So when I get home, I just want to chill out and then do absolutely nothing.

I do however want to share some of the shots I took for my camera post?

This set is from a friend's birthday dinner on Saturday. And those are my new Pradas which I scored super cheap on ebay (I love ebay!!) and that I love.

I hope you guys are not as swamped as I am....if you are, I sympathise!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guest blog post: Eye-catching Eyeliner

So in an Africanteaparty first, Xenia of Be in Style has taken over the reigns for this blog post. And you're going to be thrilled that she took over for this post, as beauty is very much so overlooked otherwise on Africanteaparty...

Most women stick with their everyday black or brown eyeliner, but while basic isn’t bad, a pop of color is always a pleasant surprise. Whereas dark eyeliner can make eyes appear smaller, brightly colored eyeliner can open up your eyes and enhance your eye color.

turquoise eyeliner made an appearance on the runway of New York City-based designer Nanette Lepore. Makeup artist Polly Osmond lined the bottom rims of models’ eyes with turquoise for a bold look that she says was inspired by childhood innocence. Turquoise eyeliner is flattering with any eye color – celebrities from Ashanti to Stephanie Pratt have been spotted sporting this trend.

Also seen on the runway lately was a pastel smoky eye. Michael Kors makeup artist Dick Page used amethyst, aqua and gold tones to create an unconventional smoky look on runway models. For an even softer look, use lavender, pale blue and cream eyeliners to create a smoky eye.

If you’re specifically looking for eyeliner that will bring out your eye color, try one of these shades:
· Brown eyes: olive green, deep purple or
gold eyeliner
· Blue eyes: brown or bronze eyeliner
· Green or hazel eyes: purple, brown or copper eyeliner

Now you have plenty of color options to choose from the next time you find yourself reaching for your usual eyeliner!

- Xenia (
Be in Style)

So with that advice in hand, I'm now off to Myers to find me some lovely gold eyeliner. How is it that I don't own anything of the sort already!?!? I'm all for bringing out my eye it is!

And do check out Be in Style for my hijack of Xenia's blog for the one post, where you can read about multi-personality wardrobes, style ruts, Miuccia Prada and even drop crotch harem pants. All in the same post! See it here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


On the side of the road, working on capturing Movement with my Canon 450D....

p.s. Giveaway winner to be announced some time tomorrow. Thanks to all who entered, and fingers crossed :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This might be too easy, but anyone want to name the band to which the title of this post is attributed to? Two imaginary points your way ;)

p.s. sometimes you just need to don leather pants.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010


How many of you read my blog and think to themselves, "when is that damn Australian going to give away stuff on her blog?"

Guess what? That time has come!

This is the first giveaway on my blog. Blow a whistle, get your marracas out, leave a comment and be a follower of africanteaparty. That simple. The whistle and marracas bits are optional, p.s. ;)

One lucky reader will win a leopard print pair of socks (see Jen Brill for reference), a bunny-ears headband and a gorgeous ring....

So remember, leave a comment on this post and make sure you're a follower to win. And yep, this one is open to everyone....regardless of whether you're from down the street or from Iceland.

G'luck :)

Post Edit: The lucky winner is daisychain! I'll contact you by email as well. And to the rest, thank you for entering the giveaway. I promise you, more to come soon :)

Friday, April 16, 2010


Kimberly Taylor's Fall 2010 Look Book has got me giddy. The talented, young, gorgeous New York designer (seriously, this girl is stunning!) has perfected stylish staples with an edge. It's sophisticated, with a little bit of rock'n'roll attitude thrown in.

And that's perfect in my opinion. I'm particularly enamoured by the draping techniques on the beautiful dresses, the sheer silk tops and pants, the hoods (we all know how much I love hoods), and the luxurious fabrics she uses.

The piece de resistance from her current collection and available to buy on her site?

Obscenely covetable.

And until May 15, my blog readers get a 10% discount on all merch at KimberlyTaylor. Enter "AFRICANTEAPARTY" upon checkout to score 10% off all stock. Fab or what?!!!?
See you in line....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Friend of Mine have, yet again, hit the nail on the metaphorical forehead. Crazy lusting over the goodies that make up the current range. Sweetness. Someone lend me $2000? Seriously? This shit makes me soooo happy!

Check out the sweet collections, or even buy yourself (and me?) pretty pieces at FRIEND OF MINE.

(And remember, kids, Anika is an Aus size 8 and a size 6 shoe ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010


(ignore the bumbling-idiot look on my face in this shot, do)

The Fairground wrap in action at the house warming/Easter party of a close friend. Apt, don't you think? And yes, the easter egg hunt went down a treat with me looking like a munted bunny. Bat For Lashes crazy fun. So bad its gooooood.

Just came home from a digital camera course. Day 1 and I already know a shitload more about the camera and taking pictures than I did a few hours back. Can't wait for the second lesson!Now off to bed......promise to reply to your lovely comments soonest.

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Amy was a girl on the side of the road...

I adore this ad.

Whilst it may be an ad for iced coffee, in just one minute it manages to succinctly summarise the West Australian summer way of life. Beaches, barbecues, weekend road trips, random road verge pickups, bizarre junk food on car rides, coffee pit stops, friends, loud and live music, thongs and dips in the great Indian Ocean.


What do you associate with summer where you live?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

monochromatic's where it's at

Because sometimes all you need is grey in a world of dazzling colours....

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