Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PVC to meet you

Boo....I want to cry. Okay, so its clearly not a matter of life and death, but I was pretty damn disappointed when I hesitated over these killer pvc zip leggings from Ellery only to check back on them soon after and discover they'd sold out. Noooo!

And you know how you weren't even that sure about said product when deliberating whether to hit 'purchase now' or not, but once you see its sold out you suddenly realise you WILL not be able to live without it??!!

Yep, that's me at the moment. Haha, no need to panic...maybe someone will return a pair ;)



Okay, lets be honest....I want these. So badly. So to the cosmos, let someone return theirs please-pretty-please?!?!! :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shadows flicker and then dance on by....

These black and white drip-dry Maurie and Eve flares are officially my version of the Bonadrag lace flares that are being touted on all the fashion blogs from here to New Mexico. The lace flares just never did it for me regardless of how good they looked on bloggers, so when I saw these babies I was more than excited about my fashion equivalent.

Love especially how much more than just 'hippy tie dye' these leggings are....another reason to covet this brilliant label.





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Friday, July 24, 2009

Perth Fashion Festival 09 Program Launch

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to receive an email from Charlotte Dunn from the Perth Fashion Festival inviting me to the exclusive Perth Fashion Festival 2009 Program Launch. And what a launch it was. Held 15 July, a champagne breakfast of sorts heralded the launch at the GPO in Forrest Chase in Perth. I work full-time, but luckily for me my building is right next to the GPO so it was easy to get away for the hour and a bit :). And I'm so glad I did. Bring on the festival!

The red carpet event was launched by the uber stylish Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi (she looked so chic) and Festival Youth Ambassador Tom Bull (he of the 'effortless cool' school). Tom's walked for a range of international designers, including Etro, Canali and Vivienne Westwood. Best of all, he's not just a looker. He's currently completing an economics degree at UWA.

The event itself was fabulous. Models and mannequins posed in window displays along the red carpet as photogs snapped pics and we all indulged in champagne, hot coffee and gorgeous cupcakes from Sweet as Sugar (works of art, these cupcakes were).



Fashion highs? Seeing the Ann D lace up shoes that have taken the blogging and fashion world by storm in person, Emily Cattermole's (face of the festival) gorgeous Lin Pin dress, Melanie Greensmith of Wheels & Dollbaby with partner Mark McEntee (front man for the Divinyls) and those incredible cupcakes. Yum.

shame I only thought to take this picture after....

Emily Cattermole's gorgeous dress by Lin Pin

Some of the designers on show: ae'lkemi, Breathless, Empire Rose, Megan Salmon, Morrison, Love in Tokyo, Carly Hunter, Lin Pin, Liz Davenport, Ruth Tarvydas, Wheels and Dollbaby, Of Cabbages and Kings, Joveeba, Story by Tang and Flannel. I adored the fashion display and especially Emily's dress, Tom's funky style and those ridiculously sexy white wings on a model. Love!


Tom Bull and Emily Cattermole; gorgeous
(did I mention I want that dress? ;)

The fashion festival is on from September 4 to 10, so if you're a Perthite I recommend buying your tix now (check out the website for deets). It's going to be a good one :)

some photos from watoday.com.au

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Look, its me

So I caught the flu, the week just screwed me over (need to drink to recover from work!) and had to complete and hand in an assignment we got given at the course I did in Melbourne. Once again I'm reminded how glad I am (for now) not to be in uni.

Still, even though I was a crappy blogger....you guys rock. You thought of me, wished me well and I even got a few awards. Truly, thank you. I'm very much honoured.

Clarity of Clarity in Wonderland awarded me this fabulous award:


Clarity's blog is a must read because it's more than just a 'lifestyle' blog. She's articulate, intelligent and her posts are always witty. Go. Check it.

And like Clarity, I like the award for its simplicity. As passed on to me, the rules for this one are:
1. Copy the logo and place it on my blog
2. Link it back to the person who gave it to me
3. Pass it on to five fellow bloggers
4. List 10 things about myself

I'd like to nominate:
Pauline of In My Body's House- she's the Pied Piper of writing...you'll want to follow her down to wherever her stories go;
Battered Couture - nobody does fashion tidbits like this gorgeous lady does;
Caramell - her blog is a haven for photography enthusiasts and I adore her red hair;
Sharon Rose - love her blog for all its fab 2 quid designer ware bargains, lucky girl; and
the sydney girl - sketches like an angel and shares her work. Amen.

So, 10 things about me:
1. I 'see' in frames. Whether I'm looking at a tree/park/broken light/tractor/anything, I immediately frame objects and scenes as if I was taking photographs. I would love to be able to just carry my camera around and snap all the time, but I forget and am lazy.
2. I'm addicted to caffeine. Love and adore coffee from tiger tiger (perth) and x-wray (fremantle). I visit Tiger Tiger on an almost daily basis. Yep, I've got it bad.
3. I'm lusting over all things Maurie and Eve, and only just bought a pair of flare drip-print leggings (my version of the lace flares from bonadrag - not so big on those shock horror) and a black fringed maxi from the label. Coveting the new range and not so patiently waiting to indulge (and yes, I've marked what I want!).
4. I need to sell some of my shoes and accessories. I'm thinking of starting up a blog shop but once again, the laziness factor got in the way. I do however need to pass on these items to people who would love them. I meanwhile let them collect dust and ignore them. Shame.
5. I love beer. I will pick beer over any other alcohol drink any day. Poison of choice? Guiness.
6. I spradically feel guilty for not doing more, charity-wise. I want to do more and have promised myself I will.
7. I'm a 40 year old in a 25 year old's body. I'm constantly told this by work colleagues. Truth? I love it. I like being part of the "mature" crowd.
8. I'm diabetic. I'm insulin dependent (Type 1) and take insulin injections three times a day. I've been diabetic since I was 9 so taking a shot is now like brushing my teeth.
9. I am attracted to intelligence. You may be gorgeous looking but if you cannot put a sentence together (and are male) I would not give you a second glance. Obviously I'm not single so this is just generally speaking.
10. I am addicted to exercise. I run, do kick boxing, weight training and an outdoor workout every week.

Miriam of Insider's Journal also tagged me to list 5 things that make me happy. I nominate anyone who wants to do this!

1. Photography. If I won the lotto, I would travel around the world on a photographic trip.
2. My family and friends. I love them to bits and appreciate just how much each cares for me. Thank you! (I know you may be reading this, mum :)
3. Fashion. An obvious choice, but my own interpretations of trends and fashion give me a buzz and make my day that much more enjoyable.
4. Books. Literature is my passion. I will read anything; junk mail, the newspaper, fanfiction, books from all genres, scientific texts. I speed read too, which annoys Stuart to no end ;)
5. Humour. In any form or way, humour is a sure-fire way to entertain me. Comedy shows/joke books/more intimate joking between friends, I'll take it all.

Hope you liked the post. Apologies about the length......I look forward to reading your entries.

Next post: the Perth Fashion Festival Launch :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello, Pleased to Meet You...

Thank you all so much for the well-wishes in the last post....still battling the flu, but I feel much better. Nothing a beer won't cure, right? ;)

I kid, I kid.

Of late, I cannot stop playing Bertie Blackman's music. Over and over and over again. How best to describe her music....hmm, folk-inspired pop with some serious grit to it. Or as best described by a comment left on her music video Heart on YouTube, "Bertie Blackman has a cocaining voice". Hell yes. Perfectly put. I cannot get enough of her. Check her out. Love her stuff so, and I need to buy her album. Meanwhile I'll indulge in watching her music videos a myriad of times on Youtube....they're always slightly left of field and fiesty. Her artistic perspective is so refreshing that you cannot just call this music. Emotive. Love. Must buy new abum.

p.s. sooo proud to claim this brilliant musician is Australian.


Check out Heart by Bertie Blackman:

If you like Heart, check out The Storm and Thump also by Bertie Blackman.

Lets talk up another Aussie here while we're at it. Samuel Johnson, that's who. A fantastic film and tv actor, he's won a whole range of Australian film awards. What's more, whilst there may be claims that he is not classically "handsome" or "gorgeous" I'm of the opinion that he is the REAL DEAL. Why? His sense of humour, his intelligence, his serious film chops, that boyish charm, the cute hair and most importantly.....that killer smile.
Yeah, sue me, I think he's bloody good looking.



Gahh, check out http://ten.com.au/talkin-bout-your-generation.htm for the latest episode featuring Samuel (if you've got the spare time) just to witness that killer smile. Yeah, yeah, on rare occasion I act like a complete girl. And tell me you don't do the same (just a little bit, even) after watching that talkin' bout your generation episode he's in.

p.s. even Stuart loves this guy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

In the midst of it all...

...I seem to have been struck down with some nasty, nasty flu. Grrrr.

It means I'm too lazy to upload photos that I took at the launch of the 2009 Perth Fashion Festival. I promise to do so, just so I can share the gorgeousness that was the "sneak peak" of the fashion goodness to come (festival dates: September 4-10. see: http://www.perthfashionfestival.com.au/ for details).

As a result of the flu, I spent much of the weekend rugged up. Ironically however I chose to wear my snood and skinny jeans as well as my leather jacket, prompting Stuart to wonder where I was heading. Nowhere is the answer, the clothes were just comfy and more importantly warm.

Pictures from yesterday, we found Charlie and Stuart grey snoods from Sportsgirl. Had to play around with them, obviously. Love the grey version even more than the black....potentially??? (p.s. this was prior to being struck down by the flu)




Waddaya know, I smile...

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and have a fab week....thanks for the fab comments, I promise to comment back as soon as I can!

sheer tee, sportsgirl. jeans, supre? shoes, colin stuart. snood, sportsgirl. bangle, city beach. rings, markets. necklace, gift from holland.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sharp Turn

I acquired this sharp shouldered blazer (i.e. blazer with ridiculous shoulder pads that I love) at my favourite vintage store and fell in lust straight away. Good thing it goes with everything I own then. Not sure if the shoulders are as noticeable here as they are in real life but they are my power shoulders for sure. And strangely enough, my work colleagues are now so accustomed to me showing up in odd fashion statements that they complimented my jacket and only jokingly called me a man (a few times) ;).

p.s. for the Aussies out there, have you seen the velcro-on shoulder pads Sportsgirl is touting? I cannot help but laugh. C'mon, really?


these kookai pants are deliciously poufy and the silk is so lightweight, its like wearing pyjamas :)

I'm looking forward to after-work drinks tonight with aforementioned work colleagues (I scheduled this post as I'm potentially going to be too tipsy to coherently type ;). We get on so well, it makes work even more fabulous to be at. We laugh at each other, crack each other up, have a junk food section, a serious caffeine addiction and pass lewd comments and veiled jokey insults all the time. Love. It.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How does this Shu Uemura ad make you feel?

I'm obsessed with anything and everthing feathered and am a seagull when it comes to feathered fake eyelashes, feathered headpieces, feathered stoles, feathered tops even (don't believe me? You should see my ebay record).

So when I saw this genius ad, I drooled a little bit more than required or even expected. Keeping a personal pack of tissues on you has never been so crucial!


I want to do my eyes like this....don't know where I'd go dressed like this but you better believe I'd find somewhere to go! I've scared the fine folk of Perth with feathers and leather, this shouldn't be too much of a worry :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gold plating

Now I'm pretty sure you've all seen the following images a myriad of times on various blogs but I have been particularly enamoured by all things gold for a while so now is the perfect time to re-visit these master pieces.

Dripping in gold? Just the way it should be. Finally I can truly indulge in my over-accessorisation of monochromatic outfits with gold, gold and then some gold. Riccardo Tisci is a true genius. The Morrocan influence and styling at the Givenchy Haute Couture A/W 09/10 runway show? Perfection. I love. And now I have to go pick out three gold watches to wear at one go (the maximum number I've worn at any given time previously has been two. Pah, I say, to that level of simplicity).

More, More, More!!!

too much? never. do not use blasphemy here!
(credit: jak & jil blog)



images above from genius Givenchy Haute Couture show.
note to self: must locate all gold jewellery and wear. at once.

Also, check out StyleCaster for updates on my blog. This site seriously kicks arse. And when I get over this week I will be doing some ridiculous site browsing here. Check out my blog and others on their RSS feed (click on the link).

Have a great one!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Leather love with stylish friends

Me and Sportsgirl are thick as thieves. And whilst I do think they are overpriced on any given day, I just patiently (or not so as the case may be) wait until said item goes on sale. In the case of this pair of leather leggings however, originally $229 aud but which I scored for $50 aud, it was a case of walking in and being amazed at the sale price. I decided to buy them in a bigger size so that they would fit me like a regular pair of trousers.

Worn out to a very fun night....full of laughs, alot of perving, free drinks, heater conversations, nutjob dancing and a whole lot more!



my very stylish sister.....

with an even more stylish friend, Shaun

the girls

Shaun's baubles....



check out the hair!


posing, done right ;)

how were your weekends?

black top, sportsgirl. leather trousers, sportsgirl. shoes, orbit. necklace, diva. rings, equip and markets. bag, vintage.

Illustrate Away...

I disovered Vanessa's blog only recently and have been in love ever since.

Mitica Illustrations is chic, glamourous and man can this girl draw.
Not only is her artwork ogle-worthy, her creativity sets her up as the blog that I am most likely to check too many times at work.


Check her blog out
(all images courtesy of miticaillustrations.com)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pre-order Me

First up, thank you all for the wonderful comments on the manstyling post. Stuart was very flattered and thanks you all for the lovely comments. Alot of you asked whether I styled the outfits. Stuart spends weekends at my place and so only brings a select few items. We worked with what he had with him...he put on the outfits (the boy has style) and I just added the little touches like the low slung belt, the snood and aviators, the manliner (eye liner looks so sexy on men!) and the turned up jeans and sleeves of the smart shirt. Oh and directed the poses ;) Thanks once again.

Hillary from StyleCaster was also lovely enough to create a VIP link for me to share with you guys so you can join this site pronto. I only just signed up and I have to say I can see me spending some quality time here. I'm still familiarising myself with the site but have to say that I already like it. Shop online, check out the street inspiration, view featured models, read up on celebrity/film/other news...you can even get your localised weather pronto! I can see myself falling into the trap of spending inane amounts of time here :)

Here's the link:

I also wanted to share with you these fabulous new season finds that you can pre-order by clicking on the MyCatwalk.com link. Australian designers doing us proud, here are my pick from the selection at MyCatwalk. They offer free next day delivery within Australia, and free returns and exchanges too.

romance was born
silk patrick print leggings ($269 aud)


romance was born
clam shell dress ($609 aud)


(love, love, LOVEEEE!)
nylon flocks
oversize tee with cut outs ($180 aud)

nylon flocks
cut out leggings ($165 aud)

camilla and marc
electric boogaloo jeans ($330 aud)

Please have a look at the site to see when the items will be available. I can safely say that the nylon flocks tee is sorely tempting me and that if I had the cold hard cash would snap up the romance was born clam shell dress and silk leggings in a heartbeat. Love!

I also need to confirm a couple of things but should be able to share, in a couple of weeks at most, some exciting retail news :)

have a lovely weekend folks!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Keep On Turning....

A wish/want/on its way list, of sorts...


Maasai inspired jewellery is always on that list. And the sharp shouldered sequin jacket? That's just killing two birds with one stone. The platformed, fringed, sueded, tassled boots are soon to be mine as well. One would think it's all too much, but they look surprisingly rockstar on. Maurie and Eve, Sportsgirl sateeny blue blazer and Tristan Blairs = love. Want, stalking, have, respectively :)

sources: flikr, sassandbide.com, oneteaspoon.com.au, maurieandeve.com, hussy.com.au, zushoe.com.au & sportsgirl.com.au