Thursday, May 13, 2010


I almost feel offended with the recent spate of "Shakahuchi/Ginger and Smart/Camilla and Marc/Ellery is fab/great/insert other appropriate adjective" posts by US bloggers that have littered the world wide web of late. Yes, RAFW is on. Yes, I'm aware that these Australian labels are not made exclusively for the Australian and New Zealand market but I have to admit that it was nice a few months back when I was swanning around in my unique Ellery/Ginger and Smart/Camilla and Marc frivolously fabulous clothing, not having to worry about:

a) every person being aware of, and wearing, the above label; and
b) (potentially) an increase in buyer price by the Australian designers in light of the recent interest garnered by the US.

But I'm sure the designers and designing houses don't feel the same as I do. The aim is to spread the word, right? And to be honest, I realise that its inevitable that we've reached a stage in fashion where Australian designers are leading the pack and are known for outstanding quality and design. I mean, why not?!!?! However I've always been the kind of person who likes not only creativity but who also values individuality above everything else. So when I see the prominent US bloggers now posting regularly about our coveted Australian labels, I cringe a little. Nay, a lot. I somehow feel like these exclusive beautiful brands are now being made commonplace. Just like those Jeffrey Campbell mirror wedges, I don't want to have to be turned off by seeing every blogger on earth (slight exaggeration intended) and their dog wearing these pieces. Whinger? Yes, yes, I am.

But save our labels. I love the exclusivity and creativity and uniqueness and perfection of our Australian labels that are now being treated with the same respect given to brands like Jeffrey Campbell (no offence, Mr. Campbell). I'm all for marketing and having a fanbase, but can we have some exclusivity please pretty please. So with that in mind, I'm off to covet my Laurence Pasquier, sQ by the lovely ladies behind My PetSquare, and Samantha Wills goodies before their exclusivity and amazingness is exploited to common currency.

p.s. I love Americans...I'm just rueing our lovely brands (cough*lookingatyouMinkPink*cough) becoming everyday wear such that these items lose their golden touch or, even worse, become commonplace. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....



You've got a great blog going on here.
Just came across it and i really like it.Keep up the good work girl.
Will surely come back ;)

daisychain said...

fab post m'dear x

Kasia_B said...

Nice blog! The pictures are so inspiring!


janettaylor said...

Just gorgeous!

Thanks for your lovely reaction, my dear! U are too sweet! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Mind you I suppsoe Fairground is Australian, and were it not for THAT JUMPER, we would probably never have crossed paths. So the mass market has its positives.....tenuous ones, but positives all the same.

Would still love to see you guest blog at some point! L x

Alecto said...

it always happens this way. everyone is searching for the next big thing. so unfortunate.

Style Porn said...

On one hand, I know exactly how you feel.

On the other hand, I am reminded of a joke:
q: how many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
a: It's a really obscure number, you've probably never heard of it.

Just because more than a few people know about it doesnt necessarily reduce its authenticity. Just food for thought...

Georgina said...

Nice blog! I'm following!


New blog!

Anonymous said...

I understand yout feelings. It's nice to have some semblance of originality before it all becomes mainstream. Some of the girls at college all look the same and it scares me! xxx