Sunday, May 9, 2010

in rotation.....

Just a few of the rings currently in rotation. The full set includes a two finger leaf ring in gold tone, an oversize gold rose ring, a vintage silver 'fertility' ring, and a gold tone spider ring. Do you guys have rings on rotation?

The disappearing act is necessitated by my over-loaded schedule. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to return back to normal once my camera course is over.

jumper, birds of a feather (I freakin' adore the cut!!). jeans, valleygirl. boots, maurie and eve. suede bag, zara. silver knuckle ring, fashionology. silver cube ring, cheap monday. silver music scale ring, ebay. silver stacked ring, vivenne westwood.


janettaylor said...

Lovely sweater!

Fashion Chalet said...

A girl after my own heart, you fuel my ring addiction. HOW ARE YOU? I miss you too. One day a meet up shall happen, it just has to, needs to! :)


magpie said...

The pattern on your sweater is BEAUTIFUL :) I love it! It's so classy and timeless. Your rings are gorgeous as well!!

I love these pictures. They are so elegant.

Style Porn said...

Looove the oversized watch (whoa, I almost just typed "oversexed" why is my mind in the gutter??) and of course, the knuckle-covering silver ring. Gotta get my hands on one of those.

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Love this look, especially all the rings!



I love your shoes!

Have a lovely week!


Pixie Dust said...

Love the rings so much!!!
I adore your blog and I will cerainly be coming back to read more from you :)) Please check out my blog too and if you like, comments and follows are much appreciated! :)) <3

Have a fab day!!! xxx

ediot said...

hi darling thanks for stopping by and leaving that lovely comment! i adore your haircut- its so nicE!! make me wanna cut my bangs too ;)
and i need a pair of boots like youve got there.
hope you had an wonderful weekend

xx eidot

April Rose said...

Im finally commenting with a Blogger account, yay! Would be great to see you at my blog (well my blog that consits of one post) some time!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

What an amazing sweater!! Your rings are so cool!! I love them! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Jules said...

That sweater is lovely. Looks great on you girl. =D

The Brown Mestizo

.sabo skirt. said...

love your knit jumper, such a cute outfit =)

Stop by our new fashion blog, we hope you love it !

xx .sabo skirt.

Stompface said...

pretty lady!

your rings are hardcore!

I dont have any on rotation at alll, I feel like I can't wear rings anymore since I got engaged, because its like they overshadow my engagement ring or something? haha its silly.

wedding plans are okay, I have NOT found a dress, STRESSSSS

hows life for you little lady?
Your camera course sounds wonderful, you will have mad skills by the end of it.
yes I just said mad skills!


Alecto said...

i think you're the only person i know who can rock an almost faux-turtleneck that hard. and women who wear oversized watches are awesome. so says i :-)

battered couture said...

oh my the rings... the rings.. i wanna pay a visit to this over the top goth place and by me a handfull of silver armor rings.

JoJo said...

omg that silver square ring!! yum