Saturday, August 7, 2010


You'll have to excuse the narcisissm evidenced by this set of photographs. But then again, aren't we all guilty of it (as bloggers)???

These shots were taken this afternoon, when Stuart and I visited our favourite coffee shop slash eatery this side of the Swan River.

As a side note, Voyage's Sticky Date Pudding is divine. And worth indulging in.

In more important news, a new constitution has been ratified in Kenya. The new constitution addresses corruption, political patronage, land grabbing and tribalism. The most important part? It was done peacefully.

To add to that, Propaganda 8 was overturned in California.

Moments like these make me proud. There is hope....

mesh-y dress, evil twin. skirt underneath, cotton on. leather jacket, maxshop. boots, pinko. rings; fashionology, sportsgirl, markets, vivenne westwood. necklace, red rover. leather bag, mollini. oversize mens watch, gift from Stuart.


J'aime said...

oh the scenery is beautiful, the sand looks so soft! Brilliant photography :)


The Seeker said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! I agree with j'aime.

Luv beautiful you, hope you're doing fine.


(Have you something with leopard print that might fit me in your shop?)

heart+bleecker (previously daydreaminblue) said...

those boots! wow those are fantastic. i love the shade of grey so much.
I've never heard of voyage, how is this possible?? The boy loves sticky date so perhaps when he comes back from being offshore i'll take him.. :)


janettaylor said...

WOW! Whole outfit is gorgeous!

Please don't forget to enter for my actually giveaway.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

The scenery is so captivating - it draws me in - I can almost feel the sweet sea air;-)

Style Porn said...

God, these are your winter beaches? I realize you're not exactly in a swimsuit, but it still looks nicer than San Francisco at this time of year!

I am seriously digging the long layers on you. Methinks I'll be in a similar uniform come fall.

Clarity said...

You look lovely, the soft skirts with a drape, top and jacket really suit you, more of the same :)

Thank you for your gorgeous words, which filled my hour with warmth :) Peace, Love, X.

Anika said...

Haha, yeah folks...this is winter for us in Perth (albeit heading towards the last months of winter). I love living on the doorstep of the great Indian Ocean!

Thanks for all the sweet comments too


vint junky said...

That jacket = phenomenal!!
seriously lady what i wouldn't give for a rummage through your closets!!

louboutin chaussures said...

Vous postes sont absolument incroyable et je ne l'aime vraiment

KAT said...


harbourmaster said...

Killer boots!