Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The love(heart) list, and sequence

pc: FashionLane, ClaudeMaus, Shakuhachi, NoMoneyNoRemote

And in the blog realm, here's who I'm digging:


Mode D'Amour

Go check them out. Worth it.

p.s. I saw the coolest guy at coffee today. He was sitting at the table next to us and was accessorised to the max. His rings and that killer necklace? I want. Ideal world? We'd be friends so I could borrow steal his goodies :)


MrJeffery said...

gorgeous inspirations.

Tights Lover said...

All gorgeous! Especially the third and forth photos! Great post.

Thanks so much for the kind comment. That was very sweet!

janettaylor said...

P.S.: Neem is not a name. :) in hungarian nem is no. :P Hehe! My answer is Diane Kruger. Haha!

Please don't forget to enter for gift certificate by Novica for $75.

Alecto said...

wow. the sheer dress combined with the tan leather vest took my breath away. who is it from?

Style Porn said...

Oooh, thanks for the blog recs. Going to check them out now!!


Love Love!! The Sarah Dress!!

Anika said...

Thank you, Mr Jeffery :)

And janettaylor...I meant Naem* the model (or at least that's who I thought it was!). Very familiar facial features! I must've been distracted by the "neems" haha!

Alecto, the tan leather vest and dress combo is my absolute fave too. From a new Aussie label called Flannel. Love their work, just can't figure out where to see it, touch it, etc :)

chaos kontrolowany said...

Awesome pics! <3

The Seeker said...

Hi gorgeous girl!!!!!
Some great picks for inspiration.
Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.

)I didn't forget I still have to choose my piece from the giveaway... lol)

Much love beautiful


prince said...

love all of these

buzzmeout said...

amazing em

ediot said...

wonderful inspirational photos. thanks for sharing. wishing you a fantastic weekend darling. what are you up to?
take care

Anika said...

Hey hey,
Have definitely not forgotten....

Will update store, or will re-direct you to ebay (where you can use the voucher)....I've put a ton of stuff up there because I can actually sell it there.

Will email you tomorrow