Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We got our store up and running, although not in the calm and peaceful manner we were hoping for. But I've put that past me, and given ebay a go. Nothing like learning "on the job", huh? Hah.

Do take a look at all the pretty things up for sale (to be honest, I wanted to keep most i.e. all the ones that fit!). Here's a taste:

We've decided to start with shipping only within Australia, but if there is interest we would definitely consider/move to ship overseas. By we, I mean my boyfriend and myself (he's kindly agreed to model any male items of clothing, bless :)

Additionally, seeing as we are so new to ebay (I know, what have we been doing for the last few years? Well, I have obviously been collecting WAYYY too much vintage clothing ahem...hence the need for ebay...) we would really appreciate any hints/tips/suggestions.

Meanwhile, head on over to The Stooka Stall:Walk-in Vintage to check it all out.

Thank you!

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