Thursday, September 11, 2008

New patent purchases

I debated whether or not to get these shoes for quite a while (for me anyway) because they cost $180 and, as I've mentioned previously, I own wayy too many pairs of shoes. But I kept coming back to them because ever since the Burberry studded sandals came out I've wanted a pair. A cheap one at that. Or even a knock-off version. But in Australia? Nadas!

(the real deal, *drool*)

Until now. Yes, a couple of seasons late but I'm not fussed. Summer is approaching and these shoes will be perfect! I also have to ensure I wear the hell out of them so that I've not just spent $180 on wear once-in-a-blue moon shoes. Ooooh, side note, they even have the funky structural-cone heel and back zipper. Excellent :)

(the fake burbs, apologies for fuzziness)

The second pair was not planned at all, but for less than $20 how can one say no? They're quite 'me' in the sense that they are slightly out of the ordinary. Me likey. I normally don't like t-bar heels, but these ones are soo shiny. And black AND white. And pretty. And platforms too! And they actually don't make my legs look funny. So yep, I bought them.

(black&white patents)

I think its quite funny that in the close up of them, it looks like I'm wearing stockings.
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