Thursday, October 30, 2008


I don't know who I was kidding with the whole, 'I should start a blog, document outfits, join the blogosphere, it'll be great!'. The blogosphere IS great, I just happened to forget the fact that I have a full-time job (and one that usually sees me doing more than just your standard day), a boyfriend, ebay stuff, and you know....all the rest of it.

Okay, moaning aside, these are a couple outfits that Stuart took photos of me in but that I never got around to putting up. I also need to do a wishlist-type blog, or one on inspirational pics. Hmmm...

Worn to a pub/restaurant/micro brewery by the ocean; Little Creatures
(ignore the face, it was late in the evening!)

Shame I only remembered to take the photos after we'd come back home!

An afternoon op-shopping in Guildford, followed by
old-fashioned English-style tea and scones :)

sheer men's tee, cotton on. bandage skirt, cotton on. blazer, cue. suede studded boots, vintage.
sleeveless hoodie, random. skinny jeans, supre. suede backpack, vintage. boots, vintage via ebay. cuff, equip.

Edit: Awkwardly enough, I love buying my jeans at Supre (a F21-type shop here in Australia) not because they are cheap, but because they do their leg widths skinny enough to fit my hockey stick legs! I've tried more famous and 'good' brands, with no success....skinny jeans just don't fit me. On the other hand, Supre jeans are the perfect length, and have a fabulous fit. And they often cost

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Lisa said...

hi girl.

thanks for the sweetness.
your comment was really wonderful.
i simply just wear what i love.
and do not dress for anybody else!

love the shoes (!!!)

have a wonderful rest of your week.