Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who are you?

The title is in lieu of my 'abandoning' of the blog. To be fair though, I have been so busy with:
a) my full-time job (ahh yes, unfortunately, I have one of 'those');
b) running the ebay store; and
c) life in general,
that I haven't managed to do any blogging. But I have been avidly reading other blogs, don't you worry about that!

In other news, a little while back I got fed up trying to look for rings that span multiple fingers. It got to a point where I decided I'd just DIY one. So I did. The result is as follows:

Yeees, it's a little ghetto but short of owning a welding device this will have to do until Diva/Equip/Sportsgirl/Artsy/Eclectic/Ebay store results in a more 'manufactured' one.

I also visited an annual Perth attraction a little while back; the Perth Annual Royal Show. Or atleast that's what I think its called. It's a full on fair with stalls selling crap, animal/cake/other competitions, showbags, shows, rides, etcetera, etcetera. The show usually attracts a ridiculous number of teenagers and young families but the boy and I thought we would check it out and see what all the teenage-hype was about.

This is us, doing show-y things and trying not to spend our hard-earned money on anything and/or everything:

look of horror (prior to the roller coaster)

the view from the ferris wheel (only minutes before the fireworks, which we also viewed from the ferris wheel)

tee, cotton on men. jeans, cotton on. boots, vintage. chain, diva. suede backpack, vintage. jacket, vintage boys.


Domonique said...

Cool little blog you have. how did you make your ring?... yeah a little ghetto but I kind quite like it.

Anika said...


Erm, it's quite embarassing having to explain my crappy DIY-ing skills :O. I bought a pair of cheapo earrings that are wide enough (in this case, the charm and OTT-ness of the 'girl' won me over :), some flexible but strong wire from a craft store, and some basic-no-bauble rings from a cheap jewellery shop (I chose a non-metal one to prevent my fingers from going green in summer), pulling off the earring hook from the ghetto 'girl' earring and wiring the ring to the 'girl'. I was lucky in that it was loopy enough for me to tuck the wire into little nooks.

So very ghetto, domonique :)