Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guest blog post: Eye-catching Eyeliner

So in an Africanteaparty first, Xenia of Be in Style has taken over the reigns for this blog post. And you're going to be thrilled that she took over for this post, as beauty is very much so overlooked otherwise on Africanteaparty...

Most women stick with their everyday black or brown eyeliner, but while basic isn’t bad, a pop of color is always a pleasant surprise. Whereas dark eyeliner can make eyes appear smaller, brightly colored eyeliner can open up your eyes and enhance your eye color.

turquoise eyeliner made an appearance on the runway of New York City-based designer Nanette Lepore. Makeup artist Polly Osmond lined the bottom rims of models’ eyes with turquoise for a bold look that she says was inspired by childhood innocence. Turquoise eyeliner is flattering with any eye color – celebrities from Ashanti to Stephanie Pratt have been spotted sporting this trend.

Also seen on the runway lately was a pastel smoky eye. Michael Kors makeup artist Dick Page used amethyst, aqua and gold tones to create an unconventional smoky look on runway models. For an even softer look, use lavender, pale blue and cream eyeliners to create a smoky eye.

If you’re specifically looking for eyeliner that will bring out your eye color, try one of these shades:
· Brown eyes: olive green, deep purple or
gold eyeliner
· Blue eyes: brown or bronze eyeliner
· Green or hazel eyes: purple, brown or copper eyeliner

Now you have plenty of color options to choose from the next time you find yourself reaching for your usual eyeliner!

- Xenia (
Be in Style)

So with that advice in hand, I'm now off to Myers to find me some lovely gold eyeliner. How is it that I don't own anything of the sort already!?!? I'm all for bringing out my eye it is!

And do check out Be in Style for my hijack of Xenia's blog for the one post, where you can read about multi-personality wardrobes, style ruts, Miuccia Prada and even drop crotch harem pants. All in the same post! See it here.


Anonymous said...

Urban Decay is awesome for bright eyeliners and glitter - I'm pretty sure you can get it in Aus. Check it out!

Anonymous said...

Also, if you'd be interested in doing a guest blog on mine, you'd be more than welcome!

marian said...

i love bright eyeliners, really into blue & purple liners at the moment.


Love the black eye-liner!!!

St├ęphanie said...

Very nice post !

Caramell said...

women got used to having a black or brown eyeliner but I must say that colourful ones are much better- I use blue and purple ones like marian :D

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice! I think that that golden eyeliner will be gorgeous!

Marcella said...

Lol I'm gonna be rushing around looking for this stuff now! Not sure if NZ will be up to date with awesome stuff like this tho.... here's hoping!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awesome tip!! I've never tried it before but I love your advice! xoxoxoxo

Haute World said...

I'm always a sucker for eyeliner, though it tends to be black, but I used to love metallic silver one. I think I need to try a gold version as well!

Anika said...

Hey Laura,
I'm on to to look for Urban Decay as well.

And will email you about the rest too :)