Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm loving all things Sportsgirl at the moment. Killer heels, check. Ridiculously perfect nail varnishes, check. Designer collaborations to stalk for, check. Fabulous clothing, check. Free shipping for a limited period, check! I reckon Sportsgirl is having another 'IT' moment. Amen.

Particularly enamoured by their latest designer collaboration....Kym Ellery for Sportsgirl. I have to admit I have a girl crush on this 27 year old Perth-native. Loooove Ellery designs and the sense of luxury and perfection of every damn piece. So when I realised there was going to be THE collaboration of collaborations, I bunkered down and did a (mental) countdown. You just can't make this shit up. Did I mention I have a crush on alllll Ellery clothing? I did. I'll say it again. Check it out to see what I mean.

Ellery pieces are not your run of the mill, stock-standard ones. Every piece is made with love, most are made to order, and the time spent on each item of clothing is testiment to the Ellery brand. Not to mention that us Aussies adore her work, her designs, everything. I've featured Ellery on the blog before. And why not. Unfortunately, Ellery doesn't come cheap. Even on ebay. So a designer collaboration? I'm in, guns blazing.

The capsule 8 piece collection came out yesterday and looked fabulous on the website. I had to go in though to see just what the clothes looked like and their quality. But no need to stress, each piece LOOKS like quality, is made of the finest materials and just fits so freaking perfectly. Amen. And thank you, Kym!

I had to....I bought the high neck oversize lapel cropped jacket (swoooon), the cotton & silk animal print voile minidress (this fits like a dream and is soft) and even the tiger print skinny jeans (a risk as I haven't tried them on, but I suspect they'll be perfect). I can always return/exchange the pants if they're a no-go. I suspect they'll be a dream. Fingers crossed.

So Sportsgirl, we salute you. For undeniable affordable style, for fantastic customer service, for wicked postage deals and most of all for the designer collaborations that make our hearts melt just that little bit more. Swoon.

I recommend heading over to the Sportsgirl website to check out the Ellery range asap. The pieces are even more beautiful in real life. And where the hell else are you going to get a chance to get your hands on Ellery for $190?!!?! I have to admit, I wouldn't be sharing this if I hadn't picked up my pieces yet, but since I have...tis a secret that's too good to keep!


Fashion Chalet said...

I agree on both accounts: (1) the JC mirror Clinic wedges (not my cup'tea either) and (2) Adore Aussie's fashion talent. I want to get my hands on some designs!

I also need to lay off sugar and candy for a while.. I feel sick.


Alecto said...

i've ALWAYS wished sportsgirl would come my way. everything i see is too awesome for words.

i totally have a piece of cake with your name on it (literally!)- just say when and it's yours.

in all honesty, thank you so much. i know words can just be words, but i really mean it.

i've done some travelling here & there. my mama is from Thailand so she brings me nifty trinkets. she's also an avid hunter for vintage so I to benefit from that side haha. i bet you would looove some of the stuff i have in my closet (or clothing racks as it is). it's like a trip back in time.

knk said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing post, love the different pictures. And don't apologise, we're all allowed to have our own opinion :) And she is a bit moody, I agree. Have a good week! xxx

yiqin; said...

I want those boots <3

Glam Girl said...

I love zebra style, nice pictures

Damsels said...

affordable clothing in chic styles is always a must!

battered couture said...

those zebra pants... I repeat. those zebra paaaaaants. :)

daisychain said...

wow there are so truly awesome pieces there.

Anika said...

haha, I hear you hun! Those animal print pants!!!! I love, I have ordered, I have my fingers crossed they fit :D

Anika said...

Erika, Aussie fashion = love. I seriously have stopped envying the Americans for the designer availability and resources thet have to them. And instead, am obsessed by all things Aussie.

The hit list: Shakahuchi, Friend of Mine, Ellery, Ginger & Smart, Lucette, One Teaspoon, Romance was Born, Staple, The Cassette Society, Maurie & Eve.

Love, love, love!

Couture Carrie said...

Especially loving Look 4!