Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday Shenanigans

My birthday's on the 9th of November, so to celebrate I decided to invite friends to a greek restaurant famous for its rowdiness, plate smashing, belly dancing and good food this past Saturday. It was a great night, and I truly have the best friends anyone could possibly want!

The theme was 'Slivers of Silver' (there's got to be a theme where I'm involved), and I dressed appropriately.

before the main event

sis and me before
my little sister and me

prior to
the boy and me (I teased him about the silver ;). oh and
ignore the no shoes, haha

It was great fun; belly dancing, plate smashing (utter chaos, with plates whizzing past you and the lovely old Greek guy busy handing out plates to smash and making sure everyone was having a great time!), table dancing, greek dancing, the works! I do not have a bad word for the entire night; the food was fab, the wine was flowing and it was just one of those nights!

greek dancing
greek dancing

belly dancer
the belly dancer (stunning, she was!)

on the table
dancing on tables

chair dancing
dancing on chairs....

In addition to the 25 of us, there was another 100-odd people at the restaurant, and everyone was uhh....alil on the 'happy side'. Haha, as documented by my face towards the end of the night.

more happy
(shame I didn't a pic of all the pieces of china on the floor :)

All in all, a fabulous time and one I won't be forgetting :)

birthday outfit: sweater dress, vintage. cuffs, diva. rings, various. shoes, colin stuart.


Domonique said...

oh how cute, happy belated birthday. You and your sister are totally alike. Your outfit was perfection!

Anika said...

Thank you, domonique!
And people do think my sister and me are twins (not so sure about that one...)

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg your booties are H-O-T!
LOVE this outfit.
Happy belated bday