Thursday, November 6, 2008


I see so many pictures on a daily basis that inspire me, and that I think I should save. But I'm terrible like that. I don't save images to my computer, and only later do I regret not doing so in the first place. But an image that's burnt in my memory is this one:

belstaff baby

I keep coming back to it. I want everything in the above picture (from Belstaff's FW 2007/08). Mmm, the perfection is beyond delicious! I'd wear it the same way as well.

The entire FW 2007/08 lookbook is inspirational; capes, sleek fitted leather/latex pants, modern and minimalistic silhouettes. Drool. Want, even though it would be too warm to wear any of it at the moment. Fabulous long fur coats, poufy 3/4 pants that are just beginning to manifest themselves in other shows. The whole hog. If anyone got me any/some of the fab Belstaff FW collection, I would love them long time. No lie.

Random fact: In The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) wears a Belstaff leather jacket as he races through Gotham's streets on his motorcycle.


Anonymous said...


great inspiration....

I actually have a folder labeled "style" that I save everything mildly inspiring too, you should start one too.

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg what a gorgeous outfit, very inspiring!

(I hate when that happens with pictures, you find something spectacular then can't find it again)

Anika said...

I know, diamondsinchampagne, isn't it the worst? So I've taken somthing picasso's words on board, given up the laziness and reorganised my pictures folder to now include a new 'style inspiration' folder :)

Domonique said...

I am still giggling at your random fact.... gotta love batman. Love the pic, I think I'm getting better at saving pics that I find inspiring.So annoying when you can't remember where you seen one!


Anika said...

haha, glad you liked it domonique!