Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shoe Heaven: the shoe fiasco

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I'd be putting up some of my recent shoe purchases....dum dum dummmm :)

The post was only going to happen on the condition that the pair I saw yesterday hadn't been snapped up. They hadn't. Yay!

The deal was that Stuart had bought me this pair of shoes for my birthday, and as impressed as I was with (a) his great taste and awesome choice, and (b) the architectural shape and height of the shoe, they were a little too tight and the strap across the ankle unfortunately made my legs look like shapeless hockey sticks :(

sachi wedges

So I swopped the ones above for these, but in black:
strappy sirens
Wearing the newbies :)

strappy shoes 3
I LOVE the straps!

side strappy shoes
I'm already creating outfits in my head, these shoes will go with
everything! (I think...)

And when I visited Shoe Show, they had a lot more shoes that I fell in lust with. So I was very pleased to realise that the shoes Stu had bought were considerably more expensive than the strappy ones above, and that I would have some money left over. Enough so that if I included my sister's monetary birthday gift plus only $30 of my own money, I could own another pair. Woo hoo!

And so, stud fiend that I am, I snatched these babies up.

studded sirens
me stud platforms

But, and I know I should just slap myself here, now I'm not so sure. Too much going on, me thinks...they incorporate maybe one too many trends: studs, platforms, gladiators, roping. In the shop I just could not decide between the studdy ones and a Givenchy knock-off pair that were inspiringly high, and so the sales assistant said I could swop them. And I think I will. To the knock-offs :)
siren givenchys
Any opinions?

Also, unfortunately Shoe Show only ship to Australia (for the mo), but if you are Aussie then take a look at their website because they no longer do just cheapo, overpriced pleather shoes but also stock a fabulous range of very of-the-moment, gorgeous leather treats from Sachi/Siren/other covetable high street brands.


Domonique said...

omg...... I love them all. The ones you have purchased are amazing...I may need do a bit of copying.


Anika said...

Thanks, domonique. I did end up swopping the overtly 'embellishedd' ones for the knock-offs.

And I'm intrigued as to what copying you'll be doing. I'd love the see the results? :)

diamondsinchampagne said...

OMG you lucky girl!!!
I love the ones you have, and the other ones :P can you have them all.

Hippie, hippie - milkshake said...

i love the studded ones...

Anika said...

diamondsinchampagne, if you're interested, shoeshow are currently having a sale on 'designer' shoes (i.e. the sirens/sachis/etc.

Sounds like music to my ears :)

yiqin; said...

OMG I love them all! I love strappy shoes! They are amazing.

Mimi said...

Oh I'm obsessed with all of these adorable shoes.They're killer girl.

Anika said...

haha, thanks guys....I was naughty in Melbourne and bought me another pair of shoes (knock-off Marnis from a few seasons ago :)

Anonymous said...

I love shoes with a lot of straps!