Sunday, August 17, 2008

city-style and sizzlers

Yes. The title of the post describes what I did Saturday; roamed the city in my get-up from the night before's tequila party (yes.....ooof, must never drink tequila again) as I waited for the boy to get in so we could get yummy sushi, and then headed home for some rest before dinner with the family at sizzler in lieu of a birthday gone. Overate at sizzlers, not a huge surprise there. And wasn't hungover on Saturday morning, again not a huge surprise because I don't get hangovers.

The first outfit is me in the city. People here don't dress like this, so there were a fair few stares (good, I'll assume, being the optimist I am :). The second is, obviously, dinner. I found this skirt last week in an op-shop and I adore it! It has the perfect amount of flouncy/foufyness, and will be perfect in summer with a skinny tee tucked in and crazy wedges or gladiators. Mmmmm. Ooh, and the shoes were an ebay bargain (Aud $0.99!). I adore them, they are perfectly worn in.

everything 's vintage except for the tee from supre, and some of the jewellery from diva.

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♥ fashion chalet said...

What a great pair of boots. <3