Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chloe studded boots? Yes please.

I laid my eyes on these stunning Chloe studded leather boots a little while back. And drooled. And then drooled some more. Realistically however, I knew there was no way in hell I could get a pair of these as looking for them in Australia is probably the most foolish thing you could do as there is often a %100 mark-up on U.S. prices for designer products. Seriously. It's ridiculous. And even if I had them shipped from the U.S., it would cost me $US 1,245 plus postage. Gulp.

So I thought no more about them (other than when photos of Erin Wasson popped up wearing a pair....mmmmm), and it was only two days ago that the Chloe boots popped into my mind again. I was at a really funky op-shop in the city, sourcing items for the ebay store, when I saw a pair of calf-length boots that looked familiar. Not identical to the Chloes, they still resemble them in a number of ways; the golden buckle, the gold studs and the slight heel. Yum.

So with glee, I tried them on, they fit, and I bought them. And to be honest, they haven't left my side throughout the weekend. In fact, I know I'll probably end up wearing them tonight at the pub where I'm going to watch a great band.

(And yes, I am fully aware that they are miles apart from the awe-inspiring Chloes, but I like to dream and this is the closest I will ever get to the real deal :)

Edit: I ended up not watching Ash Grunwald, but in the emergency section of a hospital (for most of the night, dammit! So mad! But I'm okay, I think, which is the most important thing).

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