Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When it rains, it pours (whoop!)

I had the craziest day at work today....some staff briefing (that went for wayyy too long), coffee with a friend at the awesome artsy/eclectic coffee bar in the city, a little work, the pretend-fire drill (and then the struggle to finish a report). Because I volunteered to be a warden. The drill took an hour in total, from the brief to the 'event' to the de-brief. Most important to mention? The gorgeous fireman who came in to help us out. Mmmmm. Anyway, after that I had to rush to Sportsgirl as I had put two pairs of shoes on hold. I ended up buying the camel coloured platforms I've had my eyes on for a while, but hadn't bought because I wasn't sure of the colour. I have brown skin, so camel and brown is perhaps not a combo to mix.

But when I walked in to Sportsgirl today, the shoes were more than 50% off. Woot! I love Sportsgirl sales. Hah. Who cares about matching your skin colour to your shoes at that price? :) Whilst there, I also saw another pair on sale for $70 (basically imitation YSL tribute sandals, which the boy thinks 'aren't that great', he picked the camel coloured pair).

(the 'camels', sorry about the face)

the real deal; the YSL tribute sandal

I thought about buying both (as the imitation YSL's were also half-price) but restrained myself. I seriously have a shoe problem, and this isn't helping. I only recently picked up a pair of leather wedge thigh-high boots (very, very similar to the latest offerings from Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton actually!) and a pair of menswear-inspired Ninewest high heel brogues from my fave op-shops (and I was actually whinging recently about the fact that I could never find vintage shoes because I have little feet (a size 5.5, true)). I am also waiting on the Colin Stuart studded booties from Victoria's Secret, which I am slightly nervous about.

(vintage ninewests, from my fave op-shop)

I swear the boy thinks I'm mental. The other day I said to him that I didn't have that many shoes cough*althoughthatmaybealie*cough and he responded with 'Yes, and you're only 24. You have time. We're going to have to rent a place to stay that has a spare bedroom for your shoes'. All said with a hint of amusement. Ahh, bless him and his reticent ackowledgement and acceptance of my shoe thing.

black tee, supre. vintage shorts, cut-off Levis. bag, vintage Louis Vuitton. patent leather shoes, sportsgirl. stupid face, shattered me.
grey tee, supre. skirt, cotton on. shoes, vintage. jewellery, diva and vintage. glasses, destroyed cheapo sunglasses.

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Richel said...

you have really nice long legs! I really like your shoes!