Sunday, August 24, 2008

The D.I.Y. episode

I go through phases where I become a D.I.Y. maniac. Like older men who visit Bunnings on a weekly basis, Lincraft (read: Aussie craft-type store) and me have a special relationship. To the point where the girl at the counter (with the funky, pixie-cropped hair. want.) now knows me and only smiled when I recently walked in and asked her whether they stocked 'strips of metal or strips of thick wire for a D.I.Y. project'. Yes, I plan to DIY a metal face piece, inspired by Vogue Australia. Once I actually make it, I'll post photos here.

Another DIY project I recently completed was a bodychain. Whilst perusing everybodyisugly (one of the 'must read' daily websites I visit at work...shhhhh!) a few weeks back, I saw the stylishly-chic Lulu's DIY tutorial on bodychains. It looked awesome! Bodychains have been making waves recently, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but I wanted one! I thought about it, realised how simple yet effective it would be, and visited my go-to place to source much-needed materials.
It was ridiculously simple to make, and I improvised in places, but this is the result:

I also made another piece, different in design to the above one, and am thinking of making a crazy t-back style one once I've visualised the design in my head.

Also, am I the only one who watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics and thought 'want. want. want!' when the Chinese girls came out with silver beaded fringing? Man, I would take
either the headpieces, or arm thingies (official term, ahem) or even the silver beaded fringed skirts! Which raises the question, what happens to all those tons of cheap silver beads once the curtain's fallen? And can I get one on ebay? :)
(Okay, I'm a serious technophobe....can't even find photos of those silver beaded outfits! Never mind, I'll edit the post once I find the photos)
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