Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kiltish tendencies

Still trying to upload the photos from Melbourne properly.

In the meanwhile here are a set of shots from just before I left for the course, on a coffee date with Stuart. I love this kilt-esque skirt with its wide double pockets at the front and pleating along the side and back. Noice. Especially like the fact that I could, if I wanted to, use the pockets for storing essentials/extra food (I'm always hungry) or for carrying around that spare joey that always seems to be following me....




Stuart managed to wangle his way into this set of shots, so will just have to deal with having his mug up on the blog for criticism of his "outfit" ;)


I came back to a wonderful surprise from the Seeker; this award:

Searching the Inner Me is a must-read blog with geat articulation and daily outfits, and is particularly inspiring due the wonderful work outfits she puts together. Definitely sexy.

In turn, I'd like to pass on the award to these gorgeous bloggers:

- Deana of Dooder City; and
- Elizabeth Victoria C of Chic Heroin.

Hope you all have a fabulous day :D

tank, supre. skirt, flower. cardigan, witchery. cuff, diva. ring and necklace, sportsgirl. boots, shoobiz. bag, vintage.


Dooder City said...

You are the best.

Thank you for the award.....truly honored.

I always love your style. I love the tank with the skirt.

Also, thanks for the compliment about my bf....he is quite handsome.

Sweet Things said...

u look soo cute!!!!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-fab pictures and the skirt is really lovely!

Marcella said...

Man your boyfriend is tall! He looks wayyyy over 6 foot. That's so cute he wanted to be in your photos :DD

Hope you're a size 6, cos if you are, those Wangs are yours!

Stompface said...

ahh blog love blog love thank you kindly sir.

hahha when i first opened your blog and the pictures hadn't loaded yet, I thought maybe Stu would be rocking the kilt!! But the kiltish skirt looks finely lovely on you!


yiqin; said...

I love your t-shirt + the boots. They go so well together!

Shin said...

Both of you are gorgeous!! I love your blog! xxoxoxo

Lara Natascha said...

so amazing!

love your blog.

exchange links?


Lara Natascha said...

so amazing!

love your blog.

exchange links?


The Seeker said...

You look great dear, love the top.

And thank you so much for the shout out, you're being kind with me.


KATLIN said...

That skirt is bad ass and the pockets for food is a genius idea on your part! :)

Delmy said...

congrats! well deserved.

Wanderlusting said...

Love that top sweetie!!

*lusty* x0x0

DaisyChain said...

You two are insanely gorgeous!