Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tee repeat and X-WRAY Cafe

As mentioned in the last post, that was the not going to be the last time you set eyes upon my beloved Metallica tee. Given that a) I love Metallica (esp. old school Metallica); b) this has to be the most comfy tee I've ever slipped on; and c) I have a new "grey" fascination, you're bound to see this tee alot more.

This time around, worn to Danny Bhoy's (the Scottish comedian) stand up gig and to drinks afterwards. I also wore my Tristan Blairs for the very first time and I have to admit that I am in complete lust nay love. They look incredible with anything and everything and are the most comfy 5" heel around. So comfy infact that lots of walking didn't kill my feet nor did dancing for a good 3-4 hours (on a separate night). Score!


they look slightly scary here, don't they (mwah hah hah) - love 'em!

blurry shot ahoy

I also visited my fave coffee shop in Perth last weekend; X-WRAY in Fremantle.

A complete hippy hangout, X-WRAY is tucked away in a laneway off the beaten coffee-strip on Fremantle's main street. It's characterised by colourful plastic chandeliers, hanging pot plants and of late a red makeshift galvanised tin bar (yep, they recently got their liquor licence), not to mention delicious food and fantastic coffees. Yum.


how perfect: live entertainment, great cocktails and my dream bar!



best coffee in Perth. no joke.

Their recent bar addition is reminiscent of a favourite bar of mine back in Kenya that's located on the beach, has the same kind of set up (lots of plants, a makeshift bar with stools) and is tucked away round a corner from the road. I love the bar in Kenya to bits and I can easily see X-WRAY replacing that much-needed hippy lounge hangout. In fact I spent a few hours at X-WRAY last weekend drinking the best flat whites and reading the newspaper whilst the bartender made afternoon cocktails for a few alcohol-imbibing customers and reggae pop funk music played in the background.



random Freo shots


Hope you're all having a great weekend....I've got the worst cold (hence the blog abandonment) and am trying to get over it asap.

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Stompface said...

ahhh teeshirt love affair!
i totally understand the grey love affair too, I have been having one for years now!

and I must check out this x-wray, I must live under a rock because I've never seen it before!

and oh I have the dreaded cold! I got it yesterday and you know its bad because i OFFERED to be designated driver last night, thats right no drinking at all..WILLINGLY. I MUST BE DYING.

Hope you ditch the cold soon.


withasianstereotypes said...

Aw this looks like the most amazing time EVER. I love the outfit darking the shirt and the shoes are dead on.

+ That one image with that lovely white bird stole my heart.

Kisses, China L

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-love the tee in action and your boots are just fab! looks like you've been having a great time lately, hope your weekend is good too!

shoptoomuch said...

Am so glad you got a pair of Tristan Blair shoes - how's the fit? Am considering ordering some online.

Couture Carrie said...

Strong coffee, good friends, and fab clothes... what more can a gal ask for? Love this post!

And thanks for your super-enthusiastic comments of late. I am so glad you won the shirt ~ it is SO YOU and I can't wait to see you wearing it :)

Big virtual hug, A!


♥ fashion chalet said...

Anika!!! lol, how cool is this? my husband took my old electric guitar out of storage and has been re-teaching himself how to play Metallica lol. then I saw your tee! awesome, love those sick shoes too! :) rockerrrrr cool, lady!

hoping all is well, gorgeous. :)

PS: have twitter yet?


yiqin; said...

I like that shirt ALOT! Esp wit the jacket!

The Seeker said...

I soooo understand your love for your T :)

You look lovely and it seems you had all a great time. How good!!!!

Have a nice week, darling, and the boots are killer.


Shini said...

aych, the best thing about that tshirt is that you actually know and love metallica. I don't get it when people wear band tees of bands they don't know or like just because it's in that trend...those shoes are craaazy too btw, i like the scariness ;) goes well with the tee actually!

Slanelle said...

your outfit looks perfect, love the shoes and the shirt !

Pinky said...

I love those boots. Anything with patent and platform is right up my alley. And I love old school Metallica and have had a crush on James since I was 14 *sigh*

Bella said...

Ahhh, the killer combination of those HOT TB wedges and a little old school Metallica... you're my hero!

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

love that tshirt, i love finding t's like that, that are perfectly worn in. and awesome boots xx

Dooder City said...

i am kind of obsessed with your t-shirt. these photos are great. it looks like you had a blast and rocked out.

Meg and Komie said...

What a great tee and watch!!!!!! We are super fans of old, vintage rocker tees...Would wear them everyday if we could. Love the way you put it all together!

Any place that offers "fantastic" coffees in huge mugs like that is a def thumbs up in our book. It looks like you had a great time, the cafe looks so inviting and fun.

Yeah when we saw the dress at H&M we couldn't believe it

Hope you had a great weekend!

A.n.E said...

OMG are those the tristan blairs?? "the one"!! drools***

so jealous of your Perth weather. wet and cold. very wet i this part fo the southern hemisphere.

Eda said...

Cool t-shirt!

Julia mode said...

lovely outfit !=))))

Wanderlusting said...

The boots are rad and what an AMAZING bar :) looks so so lovely.

Summer said...

Oh my,you are so gorgeous girl.Love your Metallica shirt.So cool,you rock..=) Looking forward on your next post girl.=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Solo said...

Look at those boots?! Lovely,hope to see more from you.;D

Travel and Living

kaitlyn said...

i dig those boots!

Anika said...

Yes, Stompface, you have GOT to check out x-wray. It's beyond rad!
(and screw these damn colds....grrrr!)

Aww, thanks China L :)

CC, still pinching myself. Uber excited to win that tee :D

Erika, Metallica = love. Your hubby playing it on the guitar? Amen!

Shini tell me about it. I have never made a decision to buy shoes so quickly. I saw them, decided I would buy them and then just tried them on for the hell of it ;)

Bella and Deanna, amen to old school Metallica...right ;)

Thanks for all the lovely comments folks :)

andrea said...

great stuff!:D

disa said...

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