Friday, September 11, 2009

auburn, red, red-red, chestnut

I've been thinking about dyeing my hair again. I dyed it an auburn red a few months back and it's finally faded to a lovely brown. Time for a re-dye however. I'm debating whether to dye it red-red or just a lovely chestnut brown....hmmmm, the options.

Taken last weekend at our annual Father's Day Brunch

This week has been crazy. Work has kicked my arse, so much so that I have been coming home and just lounging. No energy to blog. Or to try to do anything semi-productive. I have however been lusting after a fair few shoes......the Maurie & Eve Platinum Punk Wedges (that I've paid a deposit for (just awaiting their arrival in my fave Billie & Rose store)), the YSL cage knockoffs by Siren (now instore), and these babies....

Cesare Paciotti for Ohne Titel
pc: Jak & Jill

Cannot stop thinking about these. They're so different, so structurally delicate, and soooo out of my price range. To add insult to injury, I'm physically restraining myself from purchasing yet another pair of heels until I sell some of my unworn shoes, and then only buying shoes that I reallllly like and that will be a sound investment. Still, I'm like a junkie on crack-cocaine.....can't stop twitching fingers.....

Going to help my sister do some thrifting tomorrow. Should be a good rummage in quality vintage stores! I promise to comment on your blogs soon, thank you muchly for all the love <3


Anonymous said...

Lovely first photo! <3

Wanderlusting said...

I thought the same thing about those shoes too - I mean, where do you even begin to find those?? Makes me think it would be an awesome DIY though!

Auburn would look rad - I'll go red next year myself :P

Sweety P said...

I love the shoes! So Gorgeous!

Eva Internazionale said...

These shoes are nothing short of spectacular.

Caramell said...

These shoes below are outrageously eye-catching! ;D
I think that a milk chocolate brown colour would be the best for you, with a bit of darker strands ;>

Marcia B. said...

hey gurl, the brown would be the best for you and those shoes are sicccccck!!

stilettostetico said...

Mmmh so to be honest I am far to be an expert ès "capillary stylishness" . . . BUT this picture's brown hair truly suits you perfectly !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

xtinagirl said...

The last pair of shoes look amazing! I like the intricacy of it.

And dye your hair red-red! :)


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-that is such a lovely picture of you both!! Have a wonderful weekend my dear!

Sara said...

the shoes are so strange but perfet for a brave fashionista!visit my blog!

kisskis sara


woooow loove theseee shoes!!

Eden said...

i fell in love with those Ohne Titel shoes too! though i must say, mint green isnt really my colour...

god kudos to cage heels! cant wait to see you rock it love!


Little Bo Peeep said...

I think you'll look awesome with the red-red coloured hair! :O
And that shoes, i adore them when i first saw it from Jak and Jil! It's simply amazing and i'm in love with the colour.

thesydneygirl said...

hiii lovely! oh how i love your hair. can't wait to see what you dye it!

i am so not buying those LV heels - to pricey for me. sketching them got the urge to get them out of my system. which is why i love sketching what i lust so much... it saves me lots of money haha

and yes those heels - Cesare Paciotti for Ohne Titel are WAY hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope you had a fabulous weekend. wonder if you thrifted anything?

i bought such a lovely pink and leopard print bra today! $15! yayayay!


6roove said...

you look great, i like your brownie hair, really good color
cool jacket
awesome shoes!

kisses from watching the waves :)

Clarity said...

Answer: a lovely chestnut brown.

Although I'm sure your natural colour is lovely, go with it hon, while you have it that shade :)

Btw - get married already, I'll take the photographs. xxx.

A.n.E said...

you look gorgeous here~ i like the color now but change is always good!
Looking forward to your new shop! Yes, we do have weak spot for shoes too!!

Only one of us will be going to NYC - the other has school commitments.;(

It's NYC! no reasoning required. hehe.. just a holiday + shopping. can i tempt you to come along??