Wednesday, September 2, 2009


As you may have noticed, my blogger template appears different. I'm in the middle of playing around with the default templates, editing parameters to my hearts content. It's not done yet (I want to modify the header, change the background colour, change widths of the post and sidebar sections, and decrease the size of the wraparound) but please do let me know what you think I should do or aim for, or even if you liked it how it was and I should revert back! I decided it was time for a change.....I'm looking for a more professional finish.


I've also been getting my act together and snapping pictures for my new blog: shopafricanteaparty. I know the idea of a blogger trying to sell wares is a staggeringly unique one....but I have too many shoes, vintage preciousness, accessories, clothing and other randomness that just sits there and that could be loved by someone else.

To summarise:
*prices will be reasonable, yay!
*there will be frequent giveaways, and all you'll need to do is be a follower of africanteaparty
*payment will need to be by Paypal: shoot me an email with item of interest, await invoice, make payment, and once it clears I'll post the good(s). [More clarity to be provided with regards to it all closer to launch]

I will update this blog once it's all in motion.....stay tuned!


The Seeker bestowed upon me this gorgeous 'Golden Heart Blog Award'. It's Spanish, its sexy, and I'm honoured to be so highly thought of by this gorgeous lady with a fabulous soul and innate sense of style. Do check out her blog.


I'd like to pass on the award to these gorgeous girls:

More importantly, I want to thank you all for your lovely comments and kind guys rock (p.s. I promise to reply to comments sooon).


Last but certainly not least of all, I recently received my highly anticipated and awaited Camilla and Marc leopard print boots. I kid you not, I'm wearing them as I type. These babies are officially my favourite pair of shoes. They're all sorts of platform-high goodness, they have that incredible leather smell, they are hand-made, they have the finest fuzz-haired surface, and to top it all off they make your legs look ridiculously good. Seriously. Grace from Camilla and Marc's flagshop store in Paddington, Sydney (ph: + 61 2 93311133) was a delight and looked after me all the way. Thanks so much, Grace!



Hope all is well with you guys. Thanks for all the comment love, I promise to reply soon :)


Couture Carrie said...

Those booties ROCK, Anika!

Congrats on your award & thanks sooooo much for honoring me ~ I am so excited to put the lovely plaque on my blog!


stilettostetico said...

Oooooh these Wild leopard booties are REALLY made to emphasize your Stunning legs . . . Eeeeeuuuuh with "short denim shorts with exposed pocket effect" ? (YES I give "Style advices"/"Beads of sweat" !!!) . . .
ps: Sinceres Congratulations for this Award Anika !!!
Re-ps: Mmmmh To be honest my "cyber skills" are a little bit limited . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

janettaylor said...

Congrats on Ur cool award!


L said...

amazing boots there just like erin wassons

Nerdic.. said...

The boots!!!! Wow!
Love them.
X, fashion-nerdic.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-all I can say is a big WOW-those boots are soo fierce,sexy and beat Louboutins hands down!! Thank you so much for my award my dear, its very much appreciated and you are just so lovely-THANKS!!!!

Dream Sequins said...

Hey doll-- I like your new header! :) And congrats on the idea of a blogger shop. I am always on the hunt for new things!

And I trust your awesome taste.

Damsels said...

thanks hun !
love your new shoes i need a pair like that pretty soon

Eva Internazionale said...


Caramell said...

how wonderful, you have an e-shop of your own ;D later I'll look this pge up (;
the print on the boots is magnificant <3


oh my God!
Those boots are fantastic!!
Dream dream dream!


Pinky said...

My jaw just dropped, seriously...these boots are freaking amazingly fantabulous! I am obsessed!

♥ fashion chalet said...

yay shoes :)
I love new shoe smell
&& thanks for the award, love!!


Sweety P said...

The booties are fab! Congrats on your lovely award!!!!!

Stompface said...

oh makeovers are fun even blog ones.
I want to give mine one too but I am too confused by layouts to work out how to change anything! I need to hire someone to make one for me.

thanks thanks for the award! haha you award me so often! its lovelyyy..

wild leopard booties are the best kind!

am the first to follow your shop blog!

oh I quit the sober thing, but I did last ten days! yayyyy
lets go out and drink together soon!


ashley said...

I am officially head over heels for those boots.

Flashes of Style said...

loove the boots! Just perfect :)

thesydneygirl said...

hiiiiii beautiful! omgoodness
those shoes are hotness!
h o t n e s s i tell you!!

and thank you so so so so much
for the award lovely! you are a

so how much were those shoes? me
is curious!

i love your new layout. i think you should keep it that way. i'll check at home to see if i have a higher resolution of that photo for your banner.


Eden said...

kudos on such a HOOOOT purchase! i've been meaning to add some animalia in my wardrobe.. you did it so right!:)

btw kudos to the awards and the new shop. that should be worth checking out and i should certainly hope they are reasonable---as i would LOVE to be a customer!


daisychain said...

Oh those booties are divine. LOVEEEEEEE them.
Thanks for the award x

The Seeker said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous boots, as you are my darling.

Thank you for the shut out, you so deserve this award.

And the new layout is doing very well, me like it ;)



Jill Pilgrim said...


battered couture said...

oh me oh my those boots might make me die. hope you wear them in some very speial moments dear. And also congrats on your new blog.

CC said...

Love the booties! :)


Belowen said...

Look forward to seeing what is in your shop!

miriam said...

at first i hardly recognised myself, but your new header looks great!

and i can just agree with CC, those booties rock!

Wanderlusting said...

Cool store! I still think the idea of a shop IS unique because though a lot of bloggers have them, it's really only about 15% of the entire fashion blogger population! So sell baby, sell!

Those boots are amazing - with black tights? drool!



Bella said...

I've been doing the same thing... cleaning out the closet, snapping pictures, and contemplating what stays and what goes up for sale. Certainly there's a mass of great things I can live without. Right?

Oh, and the booties. I die. I can barely breathe right now! All the more reason to secure the notion of coming over and borrowing everything you own! lol.

love to you. xxx


Congrats on your award!!! How have you been? Long time no see! Have a good weekend :D XX

chaoskontrolowany said...

Amazing shoes!

Nata said...

Anika, I absolutely love your blog. :]
You have such an amazing sixth sense when it comes to fashion, and those leapord booties are enchanting!
I was just visiting a boutique the other day, and my mouth completely watered. I really need to save up and get more money to splurge on treasures!
Oh and congrats on the award, you completely deserve it!

Clarity said...

You deserve that and more.

Well done on starting your own shop of sorts - I'm sure it will be filled with chic goodies - way to declutter too ;) I like it when people don't hoard things.

I've just read an amazing biography I think you will so enjoy.

beckyxoxo said...

great boots ! and i'm going to check your shop soon ! :D

Hanako66 said...

your new boots are SO fabulous!!!

Meg and Komie said...

We Die...leopard goodness clearly at it's best...BTW totally liking the new look of the blog Anika =)