Monday, December 7, 2009

.Unnamed. Untamed.

Apprehension, commiseration, what
doesn't follow will but be, you know.
dreams in writhing, writhing agony
sparred on by memories. Creations
obliterated. All for one and only one

Cry you may, obey you must, the voice
of conscience unreasoning. Crammed
Still, lingering pleas, divine intervention
on steep ravines. Why falter now? jest
all but nigh ceramic tears fall, shattered
dreams die.

Sweet melodies haunt present company.
Alone and still no choice belongs. Sweltering
heat waves crashing down spines. Benign
with longing, dressed in Black, billowing
cloaks approach steadfastly. And so I must,
must walk away from Death personified.

pc: we could grow up together

I wrote this down almost savagely, the words came to me (quite a while ago) and I could just not let them go. It's all jangled and messed up, and I do apologise for the inherent chaos. I look on it now and recognise different layers, to peel away slowly. The perfect reflection of maturing and growing up.

I recently got an email that claimed my blog to be "quirky"....I'll take that....I do look at some of the more popular bloggers and their endless outfit posts and wonder about just posting outfits (those are popular, right?!!). Now whilst I could do that, I'd need to dedicate time to doing it and have less to do than I currently have. And I like the quirky. And the poetry. And the random photography that makes my blog me :)

Hope you are all having a fab week!


Fashion Chalet said...

Your shoes <3

I'm so glad I got to experience the City that never sleeps and I didn't lol I was so wired!! :)


Bella said...

Babe I've missed you so much... I'm guessing that if we lived closer, we'd sit down and have a 12hour conversation (lol) just so we could catch-up on everything!!! By the way, I'm lusting after those shoes, and the writing piece is fantastic!

Quirky is good, very good... and no matter what you post on your blog, I'm always going to LOVE IT!!! xxx

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-Your blog is an enjoyable read-diverse, stylish and unique, you're just lovely!! Have a great week!

The Seeker said...

My dear, this is YOUR blog, it has to be like you, what you like...
I also agree quirky is good, very good ;-)

Love to you, gorgeous.

Chasing Cherries said...

Love the text you've wrote.. And the shoes you posted are amazing!!

Tights Lover said...

You're a great writer. Love this post! I don't know if that's as good as "quirky", but that's what I have to say...hahaha.

Couture Carrie said...

Love your stream of consciousness, darling Anika!

Hope you have a fab week too!


Ashley said...

I love those brogues!!

Style Seduction said...

That poem is so intense! Love it, comes from the heart. I prefer non clothing posts, but yeah some people love them. Gotta keep the readers happy!

Valencia Lia said...

I'm loving your blog so much! So whichever content you write or post,I'll always love it:) Don't have to worry so much,just enjoy what you want to do.

Ohhh the poem you wrote is so beautiful,wow and the words just came to you like that? You're so talented.

And I do love those shoes a lot as well!
Do go join the contest with the shoes and I actually wearing my glasses but I can't wear them to work as I'm sitting at the front desk:(

Ahahaha,I do love my hair too even if its spoilt. heeee You have a great week too<3333

Sher said...

Be true to yourself and keep your blog the way you want it. Don't change ;)

Allegra said...

omg! these flats are amazing! love them

battered couture said...

finally someone speaks of the unspoken. I so agree on the frivolity of the constant fashion quest. I also love the fact that you love poetry. And the poem is indeed a distilation of coming to age. As confused and as natural. Literary wise you have some fantastic skills. you created sounds and textures and music miss! bravo.

Lilee said...

great shoes! lovely pic.

The Starving Stylist said...

quirky is good, stay that way :)

mens casual jacket said...

Cool shoes! I love the Autumn feel of this pic!

daisychain said...

You have an amazing way with words <3

Anonymous said...

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