Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We won't run....(we can fight)

This week has been the shittiest week in my working history. Gah. Ups and downs, right?!? A colleague went on leave and passed on some of his work to me. With no explanation of what needed to be done, or the fact that the deadline for the item to be on the last agenda of the year was only 2 days away. Or, more importantly, that I had to write 3 fucking reports in the space of 1 1/2 days (when you usually have a week or more to do the reports). Grrrr. I did it. And it took me 2 days, staying in the office till 7pm then going home, skipping my exercise routine and continueing to work until 2am. And then hit repeat for the next day. So it was inevitable that I would have a minor breakdown. I was stressed, emotional, had barely any sleep and had two different people checking the reports and contradicting each other. Which just meant I had to keep changing my reports. Great. Not even my fucking reports, people.

After a cry, I was better though. A little cry does work wonders.

And in light of the above, I thought I deserved a "Good" list (screw the evil, I don't need that shit!!)


  • These fantastic boots by Jeffrey Campbell. Finally! The 'Third' JCs are the perfect, price-friendly alternative to my most 'lusted after' pair of boots ever...the Marant suede chain wrap boots. Mmmm. Available from solestruck for $244.95 (free shipping for all orders over $199.95. Yep. Even to international destinations :)

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    pc: the fashion spot, solestruck

  • the Canon EOS 450D/Rebel XSi. My joint birthday+christmas present. Hello world. Coming to photograph you with fab technology. Stalking never looked so good before...

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    pc: dpreview

  • this freaking awesome leather chain harness by Zana Bayne (come to momma!)....want!

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  • And this song by Sarah Blasko. So chill, such a beautiful voice....

  • (the title of this brilliant song by Sarah Blasko is the title of todays post).
    What a voice!

    What makes you happy?


    Keith said...

    I'm so sorry about your hell week at work. I hope things will turn around there. Take care. Good luck.

    SR@MyStyle said...

    Hi there-so sorry to hear you've been having such a crap time at work, hope you get some decent r & r soon!! Love those JC boots too, they really nice!

    B a la Moda said...

    Oh, wow! Poor thing. What a keep. But you end up doing everything! Now just rest a bit. You deserve it.

    B* a la Moda

    Couture Carrie said...

    Great job on those reports, darling Anika ~ you are a champ!

    Those Isabel Marant boots make me happy!!



    Cool video!!

    Tights Lover said...

    Sorry work has been crap. I hate getting others' work dumped on me.

    I love the boots, though!

    Sweety P said...

    OMG! The boots are so killer! I love them! The video really awesome! School has been pretty crappy for me lately so I can def relate. Enjoy the rest of your week, Anika!

    Giovanna ♥ said...

    I really love those boots!! Sorry to hear that your week wasn't good, hope you have a better days ahead :)
    Your blog is lovely!

    daydreaminblue said...

    Your post reminds me why I'm dreading getting a full time job...being a student and working art time works for me - except when it comes to wanting enough money for miu miu ;)

    I used to have a 450d, it was the best camera. I had to sell it though...i really regret it..

    In response to your comment, no i hadn't seen the black topshop boots...and now i wish i hadn't looked them up!! <33

    Jules said...

    Oh so sorry to hear that you are suffering a hell week at work. Hope everything is ok now there. And that boots, so cool. =D

    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

    Valencia Lia said...

    Woooo,I really feel you should get the camera !! And take lots of gorgeous photos:)

    Also awww,my hair looks good on camera but its kinda dry and spoiled close up. heeee

    What makes me happy is a new pair of shoes and more clothes!

    battered couture said...

    I loved the voice on that girl. I always wished I could sing but nature was not generous in any musical form with me apart from the fact that I adore music. Today might be a possible shopping day for me. Now that makes me happy. Hope all is well with you and summer is treatin' you allright dear.

    Dylana said...

    Those shoes are amazing!

    syd vicious said...

    Aw I'm sorry about your horrible work week! :( You're such a hardworker, you can do it! :)

    I agree with you on those boots - pretty amazing!

    Stompface said...

    oh I am feeling your pain about work.
    mine has been hectic too.
    and all kinds of things going wrong causing me to not be able to do work, even though it is not my fault. no support from anyone on fixing it. doing managements work, dramas dramas dramas. and on top of that overtime, and all whilst I have a really bad cold.

    lets quit and start a company/get rich quick scheme together.

    that could be and would be amazement! do you hear me amazement!

    if you buy those shoes, i will be as jealous as some kind of creature that is really jealous of you in those shoes.
    buy buy buy! hot hot hot!

    I hope you discovered the loch ness monster below.
    I know its on the down low.

    It is good to rhyme

    Oh ranty ranty ranty. Lets all live in a beach shanty and become gypsies and grow our beards long and stop bathing.


    p.s we must catch up soon. we are both in p town after allll!

    Anika said...

    I know, Stompy :)

    And I love that you make me laugh. Every time.

    p.s. emailing you now :D

    yiqin; said...

    Nice shoes <3

    daisychain said...

    Ugh, sorry you had a hellish week darling.
    Love those boots, divine.

    What makes me happy? I'm easy to please...a bag of gummy sweets, a good book and cuddles with my kitty :)

    Elizabeth Marie said...

    HONEY! I hate when you are upset! You should email me. I will write you crazy stories back.

    Rest up pumpkin. And the JC's??? I DIE!

    Melanie M said...

    What makes me happy? READING YOUR BLOG. Hope that made you feel a little better:) Follow me, please? :D

    Alita Claudia said...

    the boots is fantastic !!!!!!!

    Fashion Chalet said...

    What makes me happy?

    Hearing from you. How are things? I'm getting more and more used to the new place, granted I miss Miami way more when waking up to a cold morning..hahah, but that's what coffee is for. And right now, I'm fresh off a quick trip to NYC-- to sum it all up--was a total BLAST!

    Talk soon!


    'Lee said...

    omg,that's boots are to die for!
    love them so much.

    Theory of a fashion victim

    Style Porn said...

    Dude, Jeffrey Campbell is like the pimp master of shoes. Let their awesomeness soothe you and take your cares away.

    But seriously, I cried my first MONTH at my new job everyfuckingday. It sucked but sooner or later, you stop caring. Let's all quit our jobs and become Somali pirates.

    Kat said...

    the pic before the clip is sooo cool!

    Hanae said...

    love this boots!

    Anonymous said...

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