Saturday, December 12, 2009

In flashes, drifting by...

My sister, Stuart and myself have spent the weekend thus far shopping for 'bathers' (swimming costumes), watching episodes from True Blood (season 1), putting up the Christmas tree, imbibing caffeine at our favourite beach-side haunt, and generally lazing around. All in 39 degree Celcius weather. Mmmm. Thats 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit for the Americans....

Because its been so hot of late and I cannot be arsed to document outfits, I decided to document instead a random collection of my (relatively) recent shoe acquisitions, other bits and bobs, as well as the ridiculous number of rings I own. Gahhh. Oh well, accessories do maketh the outfit. Start with basics in muted, neutral colours and top-up with accessories and you're good to go!

(sequin clutch, valleygirl. true blood season 1, jb hifi. 'apple' nailpolish, sportsgirl)

(heels, bronx)


(watch, one teaspoon. boots, the cassette society. rings; diva, vintage, markets, live, diy, sportsgirl, festival, thailand, asos)


(heels, lila verne)

Can you believe Christmas is only 12 days away?!?!! Woah, where did the year go.
What are you going to be asking for this Christmas?


daydreaminblue said...

i think i may possibly be extremely jealous of your ring collection...I have a total ring? True! I'll have to change that i think xx

Sweety P said...

I love all the rings and shoes!!!!!!!

Couture Carrie said...

Love your shoes and manicure, darling Anika!
And it sounds like a perfect weekend so far ~ enjoy :)


P.S. Can't believe xmas is less than 2 weeks away - I am soooo behind on my shopping!

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-those Bronx heels are fab, lovely items you have!! Wishing you a great weekend my dear!!

Kat said...

very cool nailpolish!

daisychain said...

I'm in love with your nailpolish!

A little Princess said...

I want to rob you for those rings! I'm having INSANE envy!!

And your shoes are also utterly stunning. I reckon over Christmas I'm going to do a True Blood marathon. While eating homemade treats. Mmm.....


tiny-lights said...


come turn on:

Marz said...

Love the nail polish. And I love True Blood!

dmk said...

love those shoes!!!
my blog

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhhhhh,I really want those new heels that you have!!!!

And your ring collection is soooo massive! I'm so envious and jealous. heeee Can I have some please ? And yessss,can't believe Christmas is arriving soon.

That means too that the year is going to end! Wowwwwww
Have a great weekend too gorgeous <3

Fashion Wh0re said...

Love True Blood..And all them shoes are amazing

The Queen of Hearts said...

What an adorable accessories collection! This post just made me realize how badly I need to upgrade mine.

Style Seduction said...

Oh I love all the cocktail rings!

fadetoblack said...

i just found your blog!!

love it! and following :)

just bought that nail color myself and i love it


.mck said...

true blood is so interesting. once i start watching, i can't stop!

you have a great accessories collection.. i have to start mine up again.

great shoes!

Anika said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments :)

And yes, my love of cocktail rings lives on (and on and onnnn).

battered couture said...

I would ask for a ticket with no definite return/ Just to go out and see the world!

Anonymous said...

<3 basket of rings and the heels!

Selmyra said...

love the rings ,
... how are u girl ?
i must leave right now but ill be back on ur blog as soon as i get home , kissess!

Meg and Komie said...

Dying over your ring collection...DYING...your nails are really cute by the way as well...the color looks great on your skin