Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have to give up some valuable africanteaparty space to Stuart, my adorable boyfriend.

He's the guy who never says no to taking a picture of my outfit as we dash out to the movies, or to coffee, or to the beach. He also spoils me rotten, is a mean cook, has a fantastic sense of style (although it took a while to convince him to wear his boots like that....he's now hooked ;) and has a ridiculously warped sense of humour (an absolute must!).

And that's not even me talking him up.

I wont mention how much of a god he is with caffeine either....

So Stu, sorry to embarass you, this one's for you :)

1st outfit: leather jacket, red rover. tee, live. jeans, cotton on. boots, gift from me. belt, vintage.
2nd outfit: tee, cotton on.
3rd outfit: tee, ???. pullover and jeans, cotton on. beanie, some Aussie designer. shoes, gift from me.


Style Porn said...

What a handsome (and from the sound if it, patient) devil! I'd say he holds his own style wise, even with someone as fetching as you!

Abby said...

awwwww so sweet! what a handsome boy you have. super blue steel in some of those shots! hahah amazing.

you are looking good in your posts below too!

work is...interesting at the moment...lots of dramas going on there at the moment, a bit tense.. how about you?


ediot said...

hi darling. hope youre having a wonderful week.
how nice and patient your boyfriend sound.
mine doesn't want to take more than 3 photos at a time- so im using the tripod instead :)
take care

xx ediot

janettaylor said...

So adorable and handsome of course! :)

Alanna said...

i love when people are in love! so cute lovely pics!

perhapsitscharles said...


Anonymous said...

It's really creepy how much your boyfriend looks like my ex! I wonder if they are related....