Sunday, June 20, 2010


(ph. 6 + 9 by me, rest by Stuart)

Had a completely relaxing and selfish weekend this weekend. Watched the Sex and the City 2 movie with a girlfriend, enjoyed Guinesses whilst watching the Australia v Ghana soccer game (not happy), and chilled out with Stuart at our favourite beachside coffee haunt. We played around with the settings of my Nikon point'n'shoot and took some random snaps.

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

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tank, david jones. skirt, supre. boots, from rome. cardigan, vintage. bag, mollini (from years ago). beanie, stuart's. rings; fashionology, diva, ebay, from bali, vivienne westwood, cheap monday.


stilettostetico said...

Mmh so Dear Anika Actually I don't want to be too cockeyed BUT I think that this outfit steals the alliance of "Boho" and "neo Grunge" . . . with a slight "earthly pirate" twist !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

sarah said...

I like your rings!

Clarity said...

Well, sweetheart you look lovely. I saw your msg and dashed over. Seriously do consider long skirts/dresses paired with original cardigans - you look fresh!

It's my birthday so no blogging today (or about my bday THIS year ;) ) Stuart's hair should stay that way.

Off to see a man about our garden... Ciao, hugs and love. X

The Seeker said...

Anika, my angel you look so pretty nice!!!!

I'm looking to shopafricanteaparty, because I don't want to loose my gift!!!!



Alanna said...

sounds like an amazing weekend! love the pictures

janettaylor said...

So sweeet! :)

syd vicious said...

oh my gosh, your outfit rules!!

Damsels said...

sounds like the best kind of weekend .. what a cutie he is by the way .. i love your long skirt outfit. i know i could never pull it off . i would drwon under too much fabric .

which is why i can appreciate how great it looks on you

Alecto said...

LOOOVE the skirt. i saw it and my brain shouted "AWEsome". i confess: i haven't seen sex & the city 2(3?) yet and i don't know if i will. what did you think of it?

Wanderlusting said...

Stuart's a hottie!

Love this look... don't know how you manage to keep it so fresh instead of frumpy!

Anonymous said...

LOVING your sunglasses

vint junky said...

Ahhhh where to start... the rings, the shades, the maxi!!
LOVE xxxx

no I in threesome said...

i love those rings.amazing.