Thursday, June 3, 2010

the fashion savvy male

Worn to Dad's birthday the fact that even Dad has become more fashion savvy. The other day my sister and I were discussing the fabulousness of clutches, and Dad pipes up, "yeah, I know". When my sister and I indignantly declared he couldn't know what a clutch was and therefore what the hell we were talking about, he responded with "yes, the clutch bag....the one without straps". That tells us!

And when he saw me in this outfit, he voiced his approval of the combo of the skirt with the boots and the jacket.


Do you guys have fashion savvy males in your lives?

tee, valleygirl. leather jacket and bag, vintage. poncho (worn as skirt), just jeans. black skirt underneath, cotton on. boots, asos. belt, sportsgirl. necklace, gift. rings; live, vintage, market.


Clarity said...

No, but Dad is hair-savvy, that's fun.

I like the idea of the skirt into a sweater - Oooh Anika, might make my poncho into one. Thanks for inspiring :)

ediot said...

love that skirt poncho. its so cute. what a nice idea!!
this week ive just been relaxing. and preparing for a trip to berlin. that includes shopping, cleaning at home, washing clothes- and also suntanning of how its so sunny and warm all the time!! finally!! wish you a wonderful week darling

xx ediot

WendyB said...

Wow...Dad! Who knew?!

BoĆ¼ret said...

woow so cool outfift!! love it!!

Style Porn said...

My boyfriend is totally fashion savvy. Not only does he look great, he's great at picking me up little bits and baubles along the way.

And he's a patient (if a bit disinterested) photographer. What more could a girl ask for?