Sunday, June 13, 2010


I had big plans for the weekend....its already Sunday morning (12:45am and counting) and I still haven't ticked off anything on my hypothetical list.

Spent the day shopping for gifts for friends in Africa and having coffee with my besties, followed by the South Africa v Australia rugby game (we won!) and movies with Stuart. We watched The A-Team, which is pretty damn entertaining. And high paced. There's no highs and lows, its all crazy adrenaline packed insanity. In the best way possible. And Sharlto Copley, he steals the show. I love that guy.

I've got a new favourite....move over Edward Norton, and make some space for Sharlto. The South African boy can act!

The furry backpack in these shots is from the Christmas lucky dip I arranged for the family last year. I bought him, and a few other gifts, for fun and hoped I'd get him. And I did :D. Don't you think he just makes my outfit??!!? I guarantee that this wasn't the (first and) last time he ventured outdoors.

I also promise to respond to comments asap. Ciao xxx

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Alecto said...

it's a bit of a relief to hear that The A-Team wasn't as bad as people were saying it was. and you look adorable as always :-)

Anika said...

Heya Alecto

It was an entertaining movie, full on but not ridiculously bad.

It won't be winning any awards, that's for sure, but regardless it was fun.

And love Sharlto Copley. So I may be slightly biased :)

Couture Carrie said...

Love your jeans, darling!


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi my dear!! Hope you're well and very best of luck with the new shop, off for a peek now!!

yiqin; said...

You have lovely hair :)

ediot said...

hi darling. hope you did something out of your sunday though- sometimes its so wonderful to do nothing all weekend long- to just rest and catch up.
youre so cute in these pics. love the looks so comfy

xxx ediot

Anika said...

Haha, thanks CC and Yiqin :D

And Ediot, I'm with you. I love me chilled out nothing weekends!

Style Porn said...

That teddy backback thing is sort of amazingly fashionable in this absurd way. I guess it reminds me of the WHere the Wild Things Are pieces for Opening Ceremony.

St├ęphanie said...

Just lovely !