Wednesday, June 30, 2010

new to buy@shopafricanteaparty

Another crazy week. Long hours at work, frustration with my phone provider at the Herculean effort it apparently takes to sign up to a plan (finally completed today, phew), bringing work home to ensure deliverance of established timeframes, waking up to see my beloved Spanish team play (Woopa! Si, it equates to guapa i.e. pretty girl, but it just sounds right! Woopa!), and now a total lack of sleep. Haha.

So bear with me, no updates for now.

But do check out There's designer gear going cheap, new pieces looking for a new home at ridiculously low prices, and all around magic (haha, yes, this has degenerated into a Disney film). What are you waiting for?

Shopafricanteaparty, tis the place to be.


vint junky said...

Those shoes are immense!!!


fab photos! the shoes are hot! come follow me