Monday, January 19, 2009


There's something about androgynous models that appeals to me. I adore the quirky looks, the unique dress sense, the fact that said androgny highlights a certain feature/character that elevates them from just pretty/beautiful to spectacular. Not to mention the edgy vibe. And I know that androgny has become something of a norm nowadays, however I always have a place for the naturals, be it emphasized for an editorial or as a natural style reflection.

More so, I adore their style, the effortlessly thrown on men's blazer with say a crop tee, man-style cuffed pants, and docs or conversely super-high heels.

Models in question? Irina Lazareanu, Freja Erichsen, Agyness Deyn, Omahyra Mota.









And yes, the gamine look is equally as charming, if not more so. Perfect case in point? Audrey Tautou. How beautiful she is....Or Shannon Sossamon (girl crush alert!). And of course the ultimate, Audrey Hepburn.






What's your take on Androgny?


ennui said...

Shannon Sossamon is like one of the prettiest girls ever... i love her face :-)

Couture Carrie said...

I rather adore androgynous dressing!

Added you to my Fellow fashionistas, darling!!


Cate said...

There are some androgynous looks that I like, but there are some that are just plain disgusting... But nevertheless it's always fascinating. I saw a fashion shoot in Interview magazine with a man and a woman dressed androgynously, and sometimes you couldn't even tell which was the man and which was the woman. If androgyny is still casual, I like it, but when it gets too strict, I don't like it anymore.
By the way, Freja Erichsen was the female model in the Interview shoot too.
I like Kate Moennig's style very much [The L Word]. That's the kind of androgyny I like. But I always like keeping a feminine edge to it, like for example long hair.

Petra said...

Love this! I do adore androgynous looks, they are so elegant in an effortless and less-obvious way.

Audrey Tatou and Freja Beha! Both completely beyond beautiful, its increadible.

I'd love to trade links! I have added you to my links list xx

Cory K said...

These photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing.
& I love the blog! (;

Nina (femme rationale) said...

omahyra to me was the original bad girl amongst the models. she always rocked. and shannyn sossamon (sp?) is just.plain.gorgeous.

Michael Oats said...

ALLURE (Pictures of my last exhibition)
Photographed by Michael Oats

Bella said...

I hardly know where to begin, but damn... I love this!!!


Krystal said...

its sexy!

She's Dressing Up said...

All of these women look so beautiful despite their androgyny, I love it =]

Jennifer said...

I love adrogny, it is a very fun element to play with! Great photos!

yiqin; said...

I will just look like a boy if I wear boy clothes :( But I cannot wait for the coco chanel movie to be out!

Anika said...

Ennui, isn't she just? I adore her. Stunning!

Thanks, Carrie :)

Anika said...

Cate, I agree, sometimes it's taken to a point where the girl/boy lose all aspects of sexuality associated with that blurred gender divide line and then its just a hot mess!

And Kate Moenning = adore. Stunner!

Anika said...

Cory, welcome to the blog and thank you :)

Nina, I'm with you 100%. She screams "bad girl", doesn't she? Gotta love her!

Cheers guys, glad to see as much love for these shots as I have :)

Mel Carrey said...

Adrogyny makes me drool for Freja. Gawd she's wicked hot. Irina as well. I take alot of inspiration with adrogyny

LJ said...

I love androgeny, with a feminine twist. Or even just wear skinny jeans and a boyfriend blazer and brogues, but with bright red lipstick. These photos make me want to chop my hair off again!!

xx-LJ from SOS!

Anonymous said...