Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I spent all of today sweltering in the 37 degree heat. Our aircon at work wasn't working for some reason, so got home (after scoffing down chips with the boy), put on my tie-dyed fringed kaftan *hehe*, and am currently listening to Katie Noonan in said kaftan. Katie Noonan is an Aussie songstress, with the band George (who are currently taking a break, boo) ; has the voice of an angel, absolutely perfect, sends shivers down your back.

And she sounds even better live. About half a year ago, we went to check out our local summer market stalls and learnt that she was due to perform in a while. Course we stayed! She stunned us with her perfect voice and earthy, laid-back, pure honesty. Afterwards, she walked off the stage and came towards us to sign autographs and again we were blown away by how friendly and non-divaish she is. Nothing like soul music for the soul, right?

I cannot find the song I adore; Bluebird, so this will have to do (close your eyes when you listen to it :)

If you are so inclined, listen to some of her other music. Fabulousness.


yiqin; said...

Ohyes, I kill myself whenever the aircon isn't working. It is just too damn hot!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks, sweetie :)

I am such a shoe-a-holic, I must give in and admit to it.


Cate said...

Heat? Hah... hah...haaa.. It's -4°C here.

MaryMary-Jane said...

happy new year for you too!!!!!
ohhh i whish i would spend my day in 37°, we have -18/-20 outside brrrrrrr
the chanel 2.55 ist still a dream, but i still believe in wonders, so perhaps next year !!!!!!

KATLIN said...

Ok, I just listened to her song on YouTube and her voice is pretty magical! Thanks for sharing! :) And yes, wine is for drinking! I was just scared that the cork would be stuck in the neck and I couldn't drink any of it! Haha.

Couture Carrie said...

Will check it out!


P.S. It's 37 degrees here too, but F not C!

Anika said...

yiqin, I'm usually up for sweltering heat but combine that with doing actual work, and all falls down in a heap :)

Anika said...

Oh, and Cate, Carrie and Mary Jane, brrrr to your weather. Although I do adore being able to layer up like summer (here anyway), you kinda have to push the boundaries to see how much you can get away with not wearing (alot, on 40 degree days like today....lots of people in just swimmers!)

Anonymous said...