Monday, March 15, 2010

In short, thank you





This chowder was to die for!

Stuart and I celebrated our 4th anniversary recently, and to mark the occasion we had a fabulous orgasmic meal at a restaurant quite literally on the Swan River. The view we had at the dinner was phenomenal...

As we crossed the bridge over the road that separates the restaurant and the parking lot after dinner, some guy came rushing up to me and told me that his girlfriend loved my shoes and then proceeded to ask me where I got them. Dontcha just love that. And when I told her they were sourced off of ebay, I swear I saw her walk just that little bit faster towards the parking lot. To hunt down a pair for herself on ebay, p'haps? You've got to love how shoes can do that to girls :)

And Stuart, love you to bits. Thanks for putting up with me....well, with me and Simon ;)

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Dream Sequins said...

OMG congratulations on your anniversary! Love your date night look. That skirt is a divine color on you!!

janettaylor said...

Congrats, my beautiful! Love Ur look on this photo. :)

Amy said...

Beautiful outfit! Congratulations on your anniversary!!


Wanderlusting said...

LOve what you've done with the new header, looks great! Wish I had a better view of your shoes, though! I wanna see :)

Ebay is my favourite place for shoes...but it is touch and go. Which is why I'm selling about 20 pairs of shoes on Ebay at the moment, all designer too!!!

Lusty :)

daisychain said...

Congrats on your anniversary doll, LOVE your skirt x

battered couture said...

so glad you re back. can't wait for a literary post. :)

PH said...

Ohh, you both look so glamorous and happy. :) I do agree, the skirt's motch fetching.

Happy, happy anniversary, and many returns!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous skirt!