Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello, Pleased to Meet You...

Thank you all so much for the well-wishes in the last post....still battling the flu, but I feel much better. Nothing a beer won't cure, right? ;)

I kid, I kid.

Of late, I cannot stop playing Bertie Blackman's music. Over and over and over again. How best to describe her music....hmm, folk-inspired pop with some serious grit to it. Or as best described by a comment left on her music video Heart on YouTube, "Bertie Blackman has a cocaining voice". Hell yes. Perfectly put. I cannot get enough of her. Check her out. Love her stuff so, and I need to buy her album. Meanwhile I'll indulge in watching her music videos a myriad of times on Youtube....they're always slightly left of field and fiesty. Her artistic perspective is so refreshing that you cannot just call this music. Emotive. Love. Must buy new abum.

p.s. sooo proud to claim this brilliant musician is Australian.


Check out Heart by Bertie Blackman:

If you like Heart, check out The Storm and Thump also by Bertie Blackman.

Lets talk up another Aussie here while we're at it. Samuel Johnson, that's who. A fantastic film and tv actor, he's won a whole range of Australian film awards. What's more, whilst there may be claims that he is not classically "handsome" or "gorgeous" I'm of the opinion that he is the REAL DEAL. Why? His sense of humour, his intelligence, his serious film chops, that boyish charm, the cute hair and most importantly.....that killer smile.
Yeah, sue me, I think he's bloody good looking.



Gahh, check out http://ten.com.au/talkin-bout-your-generation.htm for the latest episode featuring Samuel (if you've got the spare time) just to witness that killer smile. Yeah, yeah, on rare occasion I act like a complete girl. And tell me you don't do the same (just a little bit, even) after watching that talkin' bout your generation episode he's in.

p.s. even Stuart loves this guy.


i heart fashion said...

great song! .x.

[LA] said...

Wow! fantastic the black hair!


PH said...

what a tough girl :)

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Great song, thanks for sharing!

Bella said...

Ooooh, her voice seduces... it's easily addictive!
Love her swagger.

Clarity said...

I'll check the show out and shall wear my "oh cute" armour ;)

Anika - I tagged you on my blog, I know you have the flu darling but get with it, kidding, hugs. Feel better soon.

Stompface said...

Oh, I had a weird/bad dream about you last night!

You were starring in this really big musical called Anika! Haha.

And you were getting really famous and stuff from it, and you were the lead and it was this really crazy over the top musical. And you started to be really mean because you were getting too famous and you were getting really cocky! And I was really sad, and then you started having an affair with your love interest in the musical and I was so mad at you!

And then your character in the musical was supposed to die and you were dressed in this crazy makeup and costume that made you look dead and you came over to my house like that, and you looked so evil and scary and I was just screaming and running away. Ahhaha it was super weird.

Then my dream suddenly completely changed as they do, and I was talking to this guy about how I was going to hit people with books, and how I had andy warhol's giant size at home and it was a really big book, and I would hit them with that and I would be unstoppable, and then I woke up. Hahah it was super weird.

Anyways, yeah I am busy Friday too, but possibly Saturday? I will check with Ash to see if we are free. But I think we are!

Get better get better get better.


Sweety P said...

Feel better soon.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better...I think I need some of that beer now!!

GREAT song love!! thanks for sharing!

miriam said...

what a great song!

and glad you're feeling better, i like to thing that a cold beer is always the best medicine : )

and btw, you've been tagged if you fancy it!

Anika said...

Clarity, thank you so much for the award....I've been mowed down with work, an assignment thats due asap and the flu. Grrrr.

But thank you so much, I'm very much honoured :)

Anika said...

Thank you as well, Miriam :)

Course I love it and will do the tag! I love things like this. Again, I'm uber honoured you awarded me this :)

Valentine said...

Ooh.. new music intro.. I love these kinds of posts. :-) Listening to the song now.. absolutely enjoying it.



Clara said...

hello! I changed my URL. visit me here now:

thesydneygirl said...

i love him! haha he's freakin hot! i used to watch this show on aus tv i used to love with him in it. secret life of us? it was AWESOME! wish it kept going. did you ever watch it?

i'll have to check out Bertie Blackman.


chaoskontrolowany said...

Amazing first photos!

KATLIN said...

totally gonna download this chick's cd on amazon right now! oh, and look for an email from me on silver sneakers, finally got around to look for some!