Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gold plating

Now I'm pretty sure you've all seen the following images a myriad of times on various blogs but I have been particularly enamoured by all things gold for a while so now is the perfect time to re-visit these master pieces.

Dripping in gold? Just the way it should be. Finally I can truly indulge in my over-accessorisation of monochromatic outfits with gold, gold and then some gold. Riccardo Tisci is a true genius. The Morrocan influence and styling at the Givenchy Haute Couture A/W 09/10 runway show? Perfection. I love. And now I have to go pick out three gold watches to wear at one go (the maximum number I've worn at any given time previously has been two. Pah, I say, to that level of simplicity).

More, More, More!!!

too much? never. do not use blasphemy here!
(credit: jak & jil blog)



images above from genius Givenchy Haute Couture show.
note to self: must locate all gold jewellery and wear. at once.

Also, check out StyleCaster for updates on my blog. This site seriously kicks arse. And when I get over this week I will be doing some ridiculous site browsing here. Check out my blog and others on their RSS feed (click on the link).

Have a great one!


Couture Carrie said...

Agreed, darling A ~ more is better, especially when it comes to (a) cake, (b) red wine, and (c) GOLD! Love these looks, especially the Givenchy Couture necklaces! Fabulous post!


Damsels said...

definitely definitely not too much .
it looks spectacular

Elizabeth Marie said...

The more the merrier love! The Givenchy is out of control!

I have to check this new site out...it's easier to follow and stuff?! Love that!

I hope you're having a great day doll! XOXO

Wanderlusting said...

Love Gold...such a rich look.

♥ fashion chalet said...

We seem to most definitely share a certain taste in men; clean cut, tall and in serious Gym shape!! Mmmm. haha! Bale, Meyers, let's see who else? ;)

RIDE KANGAROOS TO SCHOOL? O.M.G. I just spit my water OUTTTTTT. haha, no, they didn't! Did they ask about the shrimp on the Barbie too? ahaha. ;)



MITICA said...

yess, we have the same pic!! :)

Twobreadsplease said...

Absolutely adored the givenchy jewellery, it's gorgeous. xx

Anonymous said...


kiah k. said...

That Givenchy show was AMAZING!

kiah k. said...
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Anonymous said...

There really is something about gold that I just can't get enough of either! This post was lovely!!

Summer said...

I like those necklaces. Awesome!

Bahrain Fashion said...

Givenchy's collection is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Just gorgeous!!

The Fashion Inquisitor said...

Love all the watches =]

Love the Givenchy jewels =]

battered couture said...

I feel so depressed I wish someone could dip in gold to null everything into blitz. The Givenchy house is riping it though. couldn't agree more on... moooooreee.

miriam said...

gold (with a bit of black) so rocks!

Shin said...

I will always say yes to more, more, more of those! Can't get enough of looking at Givenchy pictures! Stylecaster is one of my new favorites sites to check out! xxoxoxo

Eda said...

Wow! I don't usually wear many jewelery, but this photos make me regret I don't.

Anika said...

Yes, its unanimous. We loves us some gold. Make that lots of gold. And Battered Couture, amen to dripping in it.

Still going to try out the over-accessorising in all my gold jewellery. I'll try and post the pics :)

Anonymous said...


Petite Esth├Ęte said...

that first givenchy look with the hood and the indian-inspired facial jewelry is just genius, i love it so much!