Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How does this Shu Uemura ad make you feel?

I'm obsessed with anything and everthing feathered and am a seagull when it comes to feathered fake eyelashes, feathered headpieces, feathered stoles, feathered tops even (don't believe me? You should see my ebay record).

So when I saw this genius ad, I drooled a little bit more than required or even expected. Keeping a personal pack of tissues on you has never been so crucial!


I want to do my eyes like this....don't know where I'd go dressed like this but you better believe I'd find somewhere to go! I've scared the fine folk of Perth with feathers and leather, this shouldn't be too much of a worry :)


Caramell said...

I love false lashes! lovely pick <3

Do you mind adding you to my links? ;>

PH said...

Oh, these are lush...If you just did the top lid, it wouldn't be too hard to wear.

You should throw a mad tea party expressly for the purpose of dressing your eyes :)

Damsels said...

shu eumura is the best in beauty .. very top of the line :)

Alanna said...

i love their stuff, but this sticky summer has me sticking to the basics, little lip balm and a bit of mascara is all my face has seen in a bit!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Amazing!!! I would find somewhere to go with those babies on! :) XO

i heart fashion said...

Love these, I love feathers too!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo!

Stompface said...

oh yesss feathers! I am such an extreme fan!!!

how did the fashion event go??
was it amazing??

we must drink soon, and very soon what are you up to this weekend?
I have to go see harry potter and to dinner with my sisters saturday, and breakfast sunday but that is all....


Anika said...

Pauline, best idea yet. Infact, I'm going to have to steal this one from you. The next themed party I host (and there are a few :) will be just that so I can flutter my (fake) feathered eyelashes.

Thank you for the fantastic suggestion :)

Couture Carrie said...

To cool! I think feather lashes are so glamorous, and this is even more so!

Have a lovely weekend, darling Anika!


DaisyChain said...

It's torture walking past a shu uemura counter, I always want everything!

Caramell said...

it doesn't make any difference to me ;) can be in polish or in english as well ;) the english translation is "and my pockets are full of cherries". You can just write "Caramell" ;)


Shin said...

Ah, feathers! I've never tried their brand before but I would love have my eyes look like that! So pretty and dramatic!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! xxoxoxoxo

thesydneygirl said...

i love it! i reckon you should just do it for your blog! even if you're not going anywhere. WE want to see! haha


Anonymous said...

Oooh I love false eyelashes and I totally agree that those feathered lashes are quite marvelous. I also love those feather headbands too!!

Pretty ad! Thanks for sharing!

kirstyb said...

Id love to make my eyes up like this too! maybe ill just wear it like that around the house! Hahahah