Friday, July 24, 2009

Perth Fashion Festival 09 Program Launch

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to receive an email from Charlotte Dunn from the Perth Fashion Festival inviting me to the exclusive Perth Fashion Festival 2009 Program Launch. And what a launch it was. Held 15 July, a champagne breakfast of sorts heralded the launch at the GPO in Forrest Chase in Perth. I work full-time, but luckily for me my building is right next to the GPO so it was easy to get away for the hour and a bit :). And I'm so glad I did. Bring on the festival!

The red carpet event was launched by the uber stylish Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi (she looked so chic) and Festival Youth Ambassador Tom Bull (he of the 'effortless cool' school). Tom's walked for a range of international designers, including Etro, Canali and Vivienne Westwood. Best of all, he's not just a looker. He's currently completing an economics degree at UWA.

The event itself was fabulous. Models and mannequins posed in window displays along the red carpet as photogs snapped pics and we all indulged in champagne, hot coffee and gorgeous cupcakes from Sweet as Sugar (works of art, these cupcakes were).



Fashion highs? Seeing the Ann D lace up shoes that have taken the blogging and fashion world by storm in person, Emily Cattermole's (face of the festival) gorgeous Lin Pin dress, Melanie Greensmith of Wheels & Dollbaby with partner Mark McEntee (front man for the Divinyls) and those incredible cupcakes. Yum.

shame I only thought to take this picture after....

Emily Cattermole's gorgeous dress by Lin Pin

Some of the designers on show: ae'lkemi, Breathless, Empire Rose, Megan Salmon, Morrison, Love in Tokyo, Carly Hunter, Lin Pin, Liz Davenport, Ruth Tarvydas, Wheels and Dollbaby, Of Cabbages and Kings, Joveeba, Story by Tang and Flannel. I adored the fashion display and especially Emily's dress, Tom's funky style and those ridiculously sexy white wings on a model. Love!


Tom Bull and Emily Cattermole; gorgeous
(did I mention I want that dress? ;)

The fashion festival is on from September 4 to 10, so if you're a Perthite I recommend buying your tix now (check out the website for deets). It's going to be a good one :)

some photos from


Damsels said...

those dresses are incredible!
love the cupcakes too !

Dani said...

great photos! is it bad that i liked the cupcake one best, though? i need a snack.

janettaylor said...

The last photos is really adorable! :-)


Stompface said...

hahah oh dearrr, I've already arranged to have drinks with my friends at little creatures cuz I thought we could go to that!
ahhaha. it is not meant to be, our drinking expedition! I said that strangely yoda like.
sorry dear.
but if you do happen by there, we will be there around 4ish. for an early start :)

fantastic post! great pictures!
wish I could have been there!


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos, I really like it! ;-))

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! I so love the dresses!

PH said...

Oh, wow, so feminine...! I love their hair; that girl with the lovely long beautiful brown hair looks like a mermaid in the first picture.

Maverick Malone said...

Looks so fun! I love the dresses and cupcakes!! :D yummm

xox, mavi

bryna said...

oh, lucky you! the dress is gorgeous. the cupcakes literally just made my stomach growl.

CharmaineLi said...

Those headbands are SO cool!!

Bahrain Fashion said...

Are they giving away the dress and the cupcakes. Call me if they are! lol XD

dapper kid said...

How wonderfully exciting :) Haha the cupcakes look almost as good as the dresses. And thank you so much for the heads up on Trimapee dear. I checked out their collections, and all I have to say is wow!! Hope you had a beautiful day :)

Anonymous said...

So my heart just did a flutter because I absolutely adore your pics. Love the models' hair with the krimped look and straight ends.. the floral headpieces are lovely as well. And the white dress... WOW. Stunning. My kind of dream wedding dress for sure. I always adore that cut on top. Fabulous pics and that's so great that you were invited to attend!

xo, Becs

NOELLE said...

Those Balenciaga inspired boots by Sam Edelman are up on Ebay!!

Here they are:


Valentine said...

Those dresses are incredibly lovely.. very nymph-like in a modern way. I love the hair pieces too.. you can never go wrong with flower headbands.. nope. :-)




yiqin; said...

The floral headbands are so lovely :)

nookie said...

great dresses and I love the flower headbands:X

Anonymous said...

omg, love that dress on emily too! and i love those floral headpieces! i want one!

Clarity said...

I must say the cupcakes caught my eye the most. Did you spot anyone actually eating them?

I really like the floral influence too. It reminds me of:

Meg and Komie said...

All of the dresses are so pretty and angel like, reminds us of somehting we would see in a fairy tale! Now those cupcakes are soemthing else...cupcakes are one of the best things in life!!!

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