Friday, July 10, 2009

Pre-order Me

First up, thank you all for the wonderful comments on the manstyling post. Stuart was very flattered and thanks you all for the lovely comments. Alot of you asked whether I styled the outfits. Stuart spends weekends at my place and so only brings a select few items. We worked with what he had with him...he put on the outfits (the boy has style) and I just added the little touches like the low slung belt, the snood and aviators, the manliner (eye liner looks so sexy on men!) and the turned up jeans and sleeves of the smart shirt. Oh and directed the poses ;) Thanks once again.

Hillary from StyleCaster was also lovely enough to create a VIP link for me to share with you guys so you can join this site pronto. I only just signed up and I have to say I can see me spending some quality time here. I'm still familiarising myself with the site but have to say that I already like it. Shop online, check out the street inspiration, view featured models, read up on celebrity/film/other can even get your localised weather pronto! I can see myself falling into the trap of spending inane amounts of time here :)

Here's the link:

I also wanted to share with you these fabulous new season finds that you can pre-order by clicking on the link. Australian designers doing us proud, here are my pick from the selection at MyCatwalk. They offer free next day delivery within Australia, and free returns and exchanges too.

romance was born
silk patrick print leggings ($269 aud)


romance was born
clam shell dress ($609 aud)


(love, love, LOVEEEE!)
nylon flocks
oversize tee with cut outs ($180 aud)

nylon flocks
cut out leggings ($165 aud)

camilla and marc
electric boogaloo jeans ($330 aud)

Please have a look at the site to see when the items will be available. I can safely say that the nylon flocks tee is sorely tempting me and that if I had the cold hard cash would snap up the romance was born clam shell dress and silk leggings in a heartbeat. Love!

I also need to confirm a couple of things but should be able to share, in a couple of weeks at most, some exciting retail news :)

have a lovely weekend folks!


miriam said...

what a great weekend tip, i love the silk patrick print leggings! have a lovely weekend you too, xx.

Anonymous said...

I love stylecaster! It's a wonderful site! Enjoy your weekend! Stuart is hot!

Dooder City said...

I love the leggings....they are so cute....I have never heard of sylecaster...will check into it!

Clarity said...

What's the news? Are you going to start making and selling designs? Go on email and tell me.

I hope the course went well and good idea for putting eyeliner on him, I think all men should wear it, it's unisex historically :)

MITICA said...

Loove the first dress!!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-adorable stuff, love the shell clam dress very much! Have a great weekend my dear!

Twobreadsplease said...

love the silk leggings, the print is epic. x

FrouFrouu said...

the clam shell dress is deelish! actually, all of it is - great choices.

- nadia

Style Porn said...

Those t-shirts=WANT. Heh, let's hope the US dollar is strong against the Australian one though, because I'm not paying anywhere near $180 for a t-shirt! (no matter how beautifully and deliciously it drapes...sigh)

syd vicious said...

That clamshell dress is gorgeous!

brooke said...

LOVE the oversize T's, especially the first one... amazing :)


Damsels said...

i am hopelessly in love with that clam dress :(
i want it so so bad

yiqin; said...

All these picks are amazing. I want the leggings!

PH said...

Hi! I hope you've been well; I love the header picture, especially the way your hair falls. Tres chic :)

I should have more regular internet access now so hopefully I will be able to keep up with you a bit always seem to be up to something! Have a great weekend xx

Anika said...

Lol, Clarity, I wish I had the talent and time to do so....nothing quite so amazing or inspirational. I'll just be helping people spend more money ;)

Thank you all for your comments too!

Joelyne said...

the romance is born tights are beautiful!


The Fashion Inquisitor said...

I love the leggings you have a wonderful eye for colors =]

Kristiana V said...

nice! :)