Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...

So I thought about doing a post on the best of NYFW, in my opinion anyway (loved Ruffian!), but the blogosphere is saturated with those posts so I thought it might pay to highlight some Australian designers, whose work and inspirations and creations I wish I owned/would like to DIY (insert as appropriate)....

time to start trying to make that wish a reality, me thinks!

These excerpts are from the RAFW 08/09 shows; I thought it was time they were revisited.

Therese Rawsthorne


I adore that skirt and the gorgeous ruched asymmetrical leather bustier!

One Teaspoon

(the leather shorts, the shoes, the dreads!)

Seriously, check out those SICK dreads!!
(the hippy in me is ridiculously wanting to try the dreads)

Life With Bird



Camilla and Marc





The model in the black floor sweeping dress reminds
me sooo much of Erika from fashionchalet!

I got some studs off of ebay yesterday and am looking forward to studding some leather boots, yay. I'm also working on DIYing the Alexander Wang holey sweater....cannot wait!

Thank you all for the lovely comments, it really makes my day!

source: grazia


Riina said...

ohh, i really LOVE Camilla and Marc's collection, gorgeous !

♥ fashion chalet said...

Gorgeous girl, those legs are just killer. The hubby must've been drooling after seeing you in this outfit! Wow! aww LOL, thank you!!

I see her now, she kinda does. =] I'm flattered, thank you<3

I love your ringssss! again- thanks! xx

Stompface said...

wowwww love these. good pics. ohh all the leather goodness.
It is making me wish I was some kind of rich leather owning person.


bryna said...

One Teaspoon is always interesting. I don't know if she's the most genius designer but she knows how to shock!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

you're right, she does look like erika! these are seriously great collections.

Blood Roses said...

that Camilla and Marc show looks incredible - I especially like the white trousers and masuline blazer. so sexy!

Tina said...

oh those dreads looks fabulous!

Nil said...

Those are amazing!!

Anika said...

She does, doesn't she Erika? Haha, its great :)

Stompface, tell me about it. I have an unnatural obsession with leather anythings.....

and Bryna, completely agree with you...I didn't like the way the pieces were styled together....but those dreads were fabulous. As were the leather shorts (but with some other top!)

Amelia StyleDownUnder said...

loving the aussie pride! amazing inspiration! xx

kiki said...

i love love love therese rawsthorne...