Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RAFW 08/09

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2008/2009 is what that stands for...

Browsing through penylane this evening I stumbled across a few loves, a few 'wtf IS that!!?!'s, and a few groans of 'be more original damnit!' for RAFW 08/09. Yes, I yell at my computer. Inferiority complex, set and delivered :)

Some loves:

Karla Spetic: THE SHOES!!!
(It's ludicrous how sexy those shoes are, and just how much I would wear them!)



Bec'n'Bridge: it wasn't that I was taken by the outfits (in fact, I thought it was sort of meh/bleh...I could have picked these up at Valleygirl...not too original), I just think this top is kind cute (for Valleygirl standards!!!)


Michelle Jank: EVERYTHING. Seriously.
I need to DIY some birds to place nonchalently at my collarbone, right?






the back of the dress



I love how effortless this seems, almost child-like in its ethereal simplicity,
yet stunningly flowing and liquid-esque.

Lastly can I just add how cute those S&B Vie braids were? Adorable! But....
...not as stomptastic as these babies:


I'll have 'em in a size 6 please, faeries? ;)


Bella said...

I mean this is GORGEOUS... I don't how it's possible to keep wanting everything I see!

But here's hoping the Style Fairies and Fashion Gods start answering our little prayers!


Miranda said...

that last sass and bide outfit is kick ass. i wish i could pull off cornrows now :)

and the birds?? genius. the glitter eyebrows?? double genius.

great post!

yiqin; said...

They look so great! I want the one wit the white soles.

Anika said...

Isn't it just Bella? I want everything too....faeries, fashion gods, I'll take it all :)

Anika said...

Miranda, the first time I saw the Jank outfits I had an orgasm, I was so taken by them.....and Qin, tell me about it...what I wouldn't do for the stripper shoe ;)

Zoë said...

omgoodness, i love Michelle Jank her accessories and clothing are to die for.


Rina said...

love the 6th dress, so effing perfect!

Lola Re said...

you have my favorite name in the whole world! and australia looks heavenly this time of year. :o) <3, Lola Re

Blood Roses said...

Love those crazy shoes...and the secnd Jank dress. Its so grecian and delicate

Tina said...

the bird dress (and the makeup! wow) is so gorgeous! lovely images

Couture Carrie said...

Love this post! The gowns are gooooorgeous!


Ida said...

The birds are stunning. I want that dress!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love thr first heels/platforms WOW!
and I need the last pair in my life!


no new shoes, as of late..... but, some new accessories and odds 'n ends to share soon. :]


Kalin said...

Okay, the shoes- phenomenal. Those birds? So kickass. I totally think you should DIY a few birds onto a shirt or something. So kickass.


cashmere bullet said...

amazing collection! I want it all!!!

She's Dressing Up said...

Oooh, the Michelle Jank pieces are gorgeous!

CHIC Sensibility... said...

Oh my! I love these pics soooo much. So fabulous.
Stay chic!

Tereza Š. said...

I ove this shoes, but I would look like a giant on them :D

Anika said...

Awww, Lola Re, thanks hun :)

Tereza, who cares? They are so fierce, you could just give anyone who dared give you a questioning look a stare.

And you'd look fabulous doing it too ;)

Nil said...

Oh my, these are breath taking. Want them all!

maria memi said...

birds birds gorg