Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hallmark v reality

I think of Valentines Day with some trepidation.

After all, why do you need someone/some corporation to tell you that February 14th needs to be the day that you need to show your love for your significant other?

I like to think that every day should be the right time to declare your love (from the rooftops, optional) for and to your other. Whilst the day was originally a pagan festival, renamed after two Early Christian martyrs called Valentine, the Hallmarks of this world have elevated the day into a complete palava.

Regardless, I do like to see people enjoying each other's company and cherishing one another. As it should be, right? (this from hippy-Anika ;)

So, I'll go with the flow here (hypocritical much?) and say happy valentines day everyone.....

moving on.....
last week, our big bunch of friends had a house party at the established house party location. We laughed, wined and dined, conversed, and generally had a really good time. I love those kinds of rendevous.



"for the bloody marys? really? they taste sooo good!"



To friendship!

top, sportsgirl. acid wash skirt, vintage. bangles, assorted. headband, diva. shoes, siren.


Miranda said...

thanks for the comment!

i do believe the topshop heels come in black and blue...but they are selling out quickly on the american website so I would check online soon :)

Couture Carrie said...

Hey pretty! I feel the same way you do about this "holiday" . . . but . . .

Happy Valentine's Day, Anika!


Tina said...

cool outfit & amazing shoes!

i'm not a huge fan either, we actually went out for a v day dinner (just means a nicer restaurant than usual) this Wed since the date really is not important, have a lovely weekend xx

♥ fashion chalet said...

Look at YOU, all legs in that skirt. I love those shoes!! YOu have the best collection!<3

Those aussie sequined leggings sound like a dream. But $90?? woah!!

Have a happy happy weekend and day, love. =]


Petra said...

Love all your cuffs and your beautiful shoes!

You have amazing legs as well!!

Have a hppy Valentines Day xx

Weekly Blogette said...

gustav klimt is a genius, great artist. and i adore ur pictures
the w.b.

come by my blog :)

yiqin; said...

The top is perfect! I like how you paired it wit denim ;)

stilettostetico said...

The Dark transparencies of your Top are (delightfully) full of a Sexy subtlety, AND your shoes "fetishistically" instil a "terrestrial Siren" touch on your silhouette !!!
ps: Just in case, the english translation of (an extract of) my "fashionisto sulfurous Fragments of Writing" is on "stilettosteticooooooo" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Dooder City said...

Your shoes are so cute. You look gorgeous!

KATLIN said...

I really like your hair! Happy V-Day!

Marcella said...

Fabulous assortment of bangles! And I love those shoes too - I have a bit of an obsession with Siren actually. They make great knockoffs lol!

Anonymous said...

I think I might have to go out and get that look adorable with it on!

Anika said...

Thanks Miranda, will have to check em out straightaway!

Anika said...

Thanks muchly Tina and Antoine :)

Weekly blogette, isn't he just?!!

Anika said...

Aww, thanks Deana!

And Chew, you nutter, you can just borrow my headband :P

Stephanie said...

I love your top!!! And your accessories are perfection!!!!
And I WANT your sandals.

I love it all!
I totally agree about valentine's day- bf or not, I never take part in the festivities as it puts unecessary pressure on the significant other- instead, my mom is my valentine every year ;)


Stompface said...

hhee great celery shot.

Love that black top sir and your shoes also. lovely.


maisie #1 and #2 said...

i love your heels!

/maisie #1

Nina (femme rationale) said...

wow, look at your legs...seriously killer!

hope you had a lovely valentine's day!