Monday, April 13, 2009

Barbeque bonanza

A barbeque dinner invite at a friend's parents house.
Equals lengthy conversation and laughs, but still a decent cut-off time for valued sleep :)

With the surprisingly warm weather we've had this weekend, twas perfect for an outdoor barbeque. We listened to great anthems from the 'heyday', sipped red wine and reminisced about the good old days, back when we were in college.




I saw this headdress tee at Supre awhile ago, but never thought to actually step instore to purchase it. When I walked past Supre again a little while ago and saw the tee yet again, I decided to try it on in my size. It looked cute-ish but didn't have the 'ooomph' factor. On a whim, I decided to try it in a large....and love it. Gorgeous, soft, comfy tee, how I do love you, let me count the ways.

I DIYed the gloves....I think the curve of a womans hand, at the thumb, is sexy and therefore showcasing it seems like a good idea ce n'est pas. The studs came in handy too. Love my ridiculous DIY gloves :)


tee, supre. tube top as skirt, myer. leather boots, asos. gloves, DIY.


Stompface said...

ahh that tee. I saw a girl on Saturday Disney wearing it this weekend. yes I was watching Saturday disney.
anyway I thought it was heaps rad!and you have it!

I'm pretty sure I'm free sun.
should be wild.


stilettostetico said...

Mmmmh You look like a "contemporary Urban Squaw" whose style sounds as a soft declination of a "Destroy CHIC-issime" inspiration (With the gloves for the 80's Roaring/conqueror twist) . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-thats such a cute tee, you look lovely and I so wish our weather was nice too-its just wet and damp, grr, LOL!

Clara said...

i love the look! is so hot!

Lala Orange said...

those gloves are super hot!!!! It's a pleasure to peruse such lovely Perth style! x

Couture Carrie said...

Love this look! Great DIY on the gloves, darling!

Have got to see one of your suit ensembles, A!

Hope your weekend was lovely too :)


Delmy said...

YOur bangs are always so perfect

Eden said...

hi A,

just got back from my vacay in the island, thus the late response to post-- i must say, you really are my soul sister. i swear i've done this look before! and the gloves, the studded bracelets... effing rocks.

i missed visiting your blog!

much love


Summer said...

Oh that was great.It's always a great feeling when you are reminiscing the good days of the past..;D
Btw,love your shirt and that boots looks good on you girl.I hope you could put my blog link in your site.I would really appreciate it.=)
And i would follow through your beautiful blog.;D Have a great week.

I Like Stuff said...

No, I think I love your DIY gloves...what fine idea. Did you see the barely-there gloves by Pepper + Pistol? Now THOSE are some zzexy gloves. Check them out:

They're part of the AW 09 collection.

Anika said...

Stompface (it feels wierd calling you that now that I know your real name ;), I love this tee. Such cheappp goodness :D

Lol@Disney. I'd watch it too, but am always distracted by Sex'n'the city or Gilmore Girls. I know, I know :P

p.s. Sunday is awesome for me :)

Lala Orange, awww shucks, thank you. I'm glad to discover your blog too :) (fellow Perth bloggers and all!)

Summer, I promise to link :)

I like Stuff, I do like. Verrrrry nice! I ebayed gloves and found this seller with a ton of different, sexy fashionable styles for not much at all. Yum. Will give you the link when I get back on ebay :)

Silvie said...

i love the shirt! it looks so cute on you!
great blog :)

Anonymous said...

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